Are Curved Computer Monitors Better for Office Work?

When discussing best workplace practices, it’s imperative that productivity and efficiency are top priorities. Additionally, the environment in which you work and the technology you use play a big role as they directly impact motivation and performance.

So naturally, when it comes to must-have office equipment, a computer monitor that’s separate from your laptop is a game-changer. This device reduces clutter on the desktop, making it easier to find information quicker.

While dual monitors are commonly found in most office settings, many have made the switch to curved monitors after reading rave reviews of boosted productivity. But are they actually better than the traditional flat monitors we’ve come to know and love?

Continue reading to learn the pros and cons that’ll help you decide!

Curved Monitor vs. Flat Monitor: Pros and Cons

Curved monitors have the same functionality as their flat counterparts, but differ in their design and appearance. Let’s compare the pros and cons to see how these compositional differences can affect the user experience.

The Pros:

  • More Immersive Than Flat Monitors

If you’re having trouble finding momentum, a curved monitor is for you! Curved computer monitors deliver an immersive experience because their design occupies most of your peripheral vision, helping you ignore distractions and stay focused.

Besides that, a curved monitor lets your eyes absorb all the details on the screen simultaneously. This effect creates an illusion that what you’re seeing is three-dimensional, pulling you deeper into a productive flow state.

  • Great Screen Real Estate

A curved monitor offers ample space and helps alleviate bad office ergonomics, making them a better choice than their flat-screen counterparts. Their screen width can range from 24 up to 49 inches, offering you plenty of options!

Additionally, upgrading to a curved screen will help your office steer clear of being considered technologically outdated. The superb screen resolution they offer will help prevent annoying and time-wasting lagging from happening.

A dual monitor office setup

  • Easier to Keep Multiple Tabs Open

The planar design of flat monitors simulates a cramped and boxy environment. Opening multiple tabs on these kinds of screens can immediately overwhelm your senses and discourage you from working.

On the other hand, curved computer monitors are great for keeping multiple tabs open on your screen thanks to their larger size. The curvature makes it easier to spread your windows without distorting their display, creating a more seamless work experience!

  • Better Than a Dual Monitor Setup

A dual monitor setup for work is good since it offers more space to lay out your deliverables on screen. However, in the long run they can put strain on your neck and eyes because you’re constantly moving your head from one side to another.

Switching to a curved monitor can be the solution you’re looking for as their width eliminates the need for a second monitor. In most cases, one curved screen should be more than enough to hold and assist you in finishing your tasks.

  • Ergonomically Friendly

Curved computer monitors have an ergonomic design that reduces eye strain. One Harvard Medical School study found that people experienced less eye strain and difficulty focusing on the screen when using curved monitors. This increase in comfort is likely to stimulate motivation and inspiration, allowing you to work better than ever.

The Cons:

  • Curved Screen Glare

Glares occur when light hits the surface of your monitor screen. This commonly happens with curved monitors due to their curvature. When viewed at different angles, the screen displays the reflected light rather than the opened windows.

  • Not Great for Digital Designers

Using curved computer monitors for editing and creating graphics is not ideal. The panel’s curvature distorts the screen display, making it harder to deal with straight lines in videos or photos. Consequently, if you’re someone who falls into this category, your output may significantly differ than when working on a flat-screen.

  • Difficult To Wall Mount

If you plan to mount your curved monitor, expect to encounter some difficulties. For all its wonderful benefits, curved screens require specific mounts to be put on the wall. This extra effort could be a deal-breaker for some.

a line of people using curved computer monitors

Should I Buy a Curved Monitor for Work?

The benefits of curved monitors are clear—they’re valuable pieces of equipment to have in the right offices. The advantages prove a curved screen is better for ergonomics and immersion, allowing you to work comfortably throughout the day. Fortunately, their few disadvantages can be easily resolved or avoided.

If you’re considering getting a curved monitor, check out the list below of the best options available on the market:

The Best Curved Monitors for Office Work

  • Samsung CF791 – This model is a “must-have” thanks to its immersive 34-inch screen that offers a cinematic experience.
  • LG 38UC99 – Creative employees will thrive with this curved monitor thanks to its 21:9 aspect ratio. Its picture quality reveals an image or video’s actual colour depth, brightness, and viewing angle.
  • AOC C24G1 – With a width of 24 inches, this is the best option at its price point. Its stunning features include a flicker-free technology to reduce eye strain, a 144Hz screen refresh rate, and a narrow bezel-less design with 1500R curvature.

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