Why You’re Behind if You’re Not Using Mps in 2022

With every new year comes a new beginning, a new goal, possibly a new haircut, and of course, a new trend to follow. 

In terms of best business practices, following the right trend is essential to eventually lead it—and the business trend that we’re integrating into our offices this year is a reliable managed print service. 

Managed print services, or MPS, are resources offered by an external provider to optimize and streamline a company’s document output. This revolutionary service has been growing in prevalence over the past few years, and now it has become a full-fledged trend that people follow for all the right reasons. 

Business doesn’t have to be complex and laborious. In fact, it would make everyone happier if all our work-related duties would be fast, accurate, and streamlined; and that is exactly what MPS was made for. 

Simply put, if you aren’t using MPS in 2022, your business is at risk of falling behind. Let’s discuss how MPS can help steer your company to new heights of efficiency and success.

What Is MPS and Who Could Benefit From It?

MPS eliminates the need to face the tedious task of installing and maintaining a huge fleet of in-house printers. Thanks to the expertise of outsourced professionals and facilities, your business flow will benefit from lower costs and reduced complexity.

If you run a business that doesn’t heavily rely on printing, you would be better off managing the print jobs by yourself. On the other hand, if you work in a company that generates a significant print demand on a regular basis, investing in MPS versus tending to a fleet of space-consuming printers would be the better choice.
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The Perks of Using MPS for Your Business

Save Time and Boost Efficiency

If your team members were to calculate how much time they spend on printer-related tasks, they would be shocked. Rather than focusing their energy on more important and less stressful work, they often find themselves queuing for the printer, refilling toner cartridges, fixing paper jams, or calling the IT department for tech support. 

MPS soothes these stress-inducing aspects by letting the pros handle the print jobs, so you and your team can save time, stress less, and boost efficiency to optimal levels. 

Reduce Costs

Managing individual devices is much more expensive than having an automated and cloud-based system handle it for you.

MPS creates an interconnected web of devices that ensures that all print-related tasks are consolidated. Moreover, you can count on the advice of a team of print experts to help you minimize costs while maximizing output. 

Upgrade Productivity in Your Office

Depending on how many departments your organization has, printing needs tend to vary. MPS includes a thorough evaluation of your company’s current and future print demand. Once this is completed, your MPS provider should be able to recommend a customized program for each of your company’s departments. 

Does your company need special types of document sizes or formats? Do your print jobs need to be in black & white or colour? Whatever your print requirements are, MPS has got you covered.

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Business may be booming, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of our environment. 

With MPS, your business can thrive without increasing your carbon footprint dramatically. 

Thanks to the reduced amount of ink, paper, and electricity that this professional service offers, your office will be a key piece in saving the planet while you’re on the road to success.  

Fortify Information Security

One very essential factor that you most certainly do not want to be behind in 2022 on (or any other year for that matter) is cyber security

MPS can help keep your sensitive data safe from the clutches of hackers, as it can identify print and security risks that your company faces. When tailoring a security plan, MPS plays a vital role in mitigating these risks—especially in an era wherein cyber attacks are predicted to evolve. 

There are a bunch of cyber threats to look out for in 2022, and MPS will be your first line of defence. 

The Types of MPS 

MPS is a vast spectrum of programs that can all be used to improve the way your organization runs. Here are the most widely used types of managed print services:  

Cloud Printing Management

Cloud printing management utilizes data storage and energy-saving benefits of the cloud to your advantage. This service enables users to print from any device on a given network. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Print Vendor Consolidation

Keep track of the maintenance of all of your devices with print vendor consolidation. This category of MPS aids in minimizing vendor procurement costs, reducing security risks, and increasing user satisfaction.  

FollowMe Printing

If you want more control over how print jobs are carried out, you’ll want to incorporate FollowMe Printing into your workflow. 

With FollowMe Printing, you and your team members can print to a shared print queue, roam, and release print jobs from anywhere. Simply enable your mobile phone or tablet, and print away! 

Printer Security Auditing

Securing your valuables is of utmost importance. You wouldn’t leave your credit card, car keys, and mobile phone unattended in a public place, would you? 

Well, neither should you leave your sensitive data unprotected from the sneaky hands of hackers. 

Did you know that regardless of the safety measures in place on your computer, your printer can still be used as an entry point for cyber attacks? Printer security auditing guarantees that your company and your clients’ information remains free from weak points in terms of security. 

Pull Printing

Essentially, pull printing makes sure that a print job will be hosted on a server and released only when a printer becomes available. This method saves both time and space on PCs by implementing a central server that is in charge of handling each print job.  

Digital Document Management

Organize and declutter with digital document management

With this MPS technique, the efficiency levels in your organization will skyrocket like never before.  
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Keep Up With the MPS Trend in 2022 

By keeping up with the current trend of Managed Print Services, your company’s workflow will be organized and optimized—which builds a strong foundation for your company to be the next big trendsetter. 

Reach out to our team to learn more about why implementing MPS at work should be your new year’s resolution! 

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