What’s an All-In-One Desktop Computer?

You asked, and we’ll answer—an all-in-one desktop computer (AIO) is a personal computer that combines all internal components into one unit; you’ll find the GPU, motherboard, and other parts inside the display screen or monitor, eliminating the need for a separate tower.

Owning an AIO PC lessens your carbon footprint and saves space since there’ll be fewer cables. The only accessories you need to add are a keyboard and mouse, and you’re good to go! But before you get an all-in-one desktop computer, check out the pros and cons below—as well as our top five picks!

Is an All-in-One Desktop Computer Right For You?

Sometimes the compact design of an all-in-one computer just isn’t for everyone. It has pros and cons, just like other computer types like laptops and desktops. We’ve listed them below, so you’ll see if an all-in-one desktop computer suits your needs:


    1. Occupies Less Space

If you have limited space at home or work, an all-in-one desktop computer is the right choice. You’ll only need the AIO computer, a keyboard, and a mouse; everything else, such as the speakers and webcam, is part of the mainframe. This also means less trouble dealing with messy cable management!

    2. Offers a Plug and Play Set Up

The typical desktop rigs require manual installation of each part into its tower, consuming your time and increasing the chances of connection issues. With an AIO computer, all you have to do is plug it into a socket! That’s it—you’re all set to ace today’s deliverables.

    3. Portability

Travelling with your all-in-one desktop computer won’t be a challenge because it’s lightweight, but this depends on the model you choose, of course. Being able to carry everything in just one unit reduces the amount of components you have to worry about. Just keep it in a secure case, and you’re ready to take it with you no matter where you go.


    1. Unavailable Customization

Unlike desktop computers, an AIO doesn’t allow you to choose parts and customize your computer’s specs. What’s included in the hardware is what you get, meaning you can’t swap a part for a more powerful version. In turn, an all-in-one desktop computer won’t support demanding functions like high-end graphic designing, coding, and gaming.

    2. Difficult Repairs

Repairing an AIO computer tends to be more of a hassle and time-consuming. Its slim and compact design packs all its components in one unit, so repairs will require the help of experts. Instead of simply buying a new component and plugging it in by yourself, you’ll need to drop by the repair shop.

You also need to consider the availability of compatible parts for your PC in case you need to replace a broken part. Over time, this challenge may lead you to a dead-end repair due to scarcity and high prices on the market.

 A woman chooses a colour palette for her logo designs displayed on an all-in-one computer

The Top 5 All-in-One Desktop Computers

Even if an all-in-one desktop computer is not fit for other uses, it’s still a powerhouse that efficiently accomplishes basic tasks like panel meetings, writing, and even music-making. Let’s help you find the best all-in-one computer with our top five picks:

    1. HP ENVY 34

The HP ENVY 34 is a premier model made by creators for creators to immerse in true-to-life colours—this all-in-one desktop computer contains almighty parts, such as an 11th Gen 8-core Intel® Core™ i9 processor2 and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 graphics. The ENVY 34″ All-in-One also comes with HP Palette, a creative toolkit that includes PhotoMatch for easy photo searching, a Duet feature that enables you to turn a tablet or phone into a second screen, and HP QuickDrop for wireless photo dropping.

Also, the HP ENVY 34 has a 34-inch WUHD screen for super crisp visuals. Multitasking will be a piece of cake because you can place every window on the screen and stay on top of your deliverables.

    2. EliteOne 800 G6 All-In-One 24-Inch Touchscreen PC

 HP EliteOne 800 G6

Looking for a way to finish your work tasks with a bang? The EliteOne 800 G6 is here to assist you with your duties. This HP all-in-one computer with a touch screen gives a boost of productivity and efficiency. Combined with the Intel Core i7 processor, this AIO PC and its 24-inch touchscreen will enable you to quickly complete your tasks.

    3. Apple iMac M1 24-Inch

Apple is always a stand out in terms of sleek user interfaces because its developers work day and night to provide the best experience possible. The iMac M1 Apple all-in-one desktop computer features an elegant yet minimalistic design that you can get in multiple colours.

Why should you consider shifting to Apple? This computer has an M1 8-core chip and a 7-core GPU, allowing you to accomplish various tasks at once. It even has a built-in Touch ID to protect your files and a 1080p camera, perfect for work meetings.

    4. Dell OptiPlex 7400 All-in-One Desktop Computer

Dell OptiPlex 7400

Whatever workspace you’re in, the Dell OptiPlex 7400 is ready to check all the boxes with its amazing features. Power up your Dell all-in-one desktop computer with one push of a button, leading you to a space where all your needs are present. Its 12th Gen Intel Core processors are built to last, making it a fantastic choice for work.

But that’s not all—the Dell OptiPlex 7400 offers next-gen graphics from its low blue light panel. You’ll love its ergonomic design more since you can customize the monitor’s height.

    5. ThinkCentre M90a All-in-One Desktop Computer

Thinkcentre M90a

Nothing will ever beat the ThinkCentre M90a if you’re looking for THE Lenovo all-in-one desktop computer! This powerful computer takes any challenge you throw at it because of its 10th Generation Intel Core processors. Designed to have optimal security, you won’t have to worry about data breaches because its hardware and software work hard to keep your system safe.

The ThinkCentre M90a automatically stays cool and quiet so you can enjoy working for hours conveniently. During after-hours, this computer uses Modern Standby to update your apps and system, keeping you in the loop on all the latest features!

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With an all-in-one desktop computer, the possibilities are endless. Achieve peak productivity and efficiency by purchasing one in Integr8. Choose from our wide selection of AIO computers that are ready to boost your workflow.

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