Cloud Print Management vs. Cloud Printing

The greatest thing about technology is that it never stops evolving. If there is one type of technology that is present and indispensable in all industries, it’s the printer. There is always something that needs to be transformed from a soft copy into a hard copy, whether it’s at school, in the office, at medical facilities, dining establishments, or within households. Printers have developed into the most advanced pieces of office equipment known today. 

Now, modern technology has given birth to the cloud, also known as servers you can access remotely through the internet. Thanks to the cloud, we are now also able to conveniently access printers through wireless connectivity, and print our documents from literally anywhere. 

There are two types of cloud-based printing services: cloud print management and cloud printing. While there might not be a huge difference between the two, they aren’t exactly identical. If you’re curious about it, come spot the difference with us in a game of cloud print management vs. cloud printing!

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What Is Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing is the technology that facilitates the access of printers via a network. It gives users the convenience of connecting to a remote printer by means of digital devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Cloud printing gives your employees access to work printers from their personal devices.

With the ability to redefine and optimize the way your printers work, you’ll instantly feel a boost in productivity and a decline in stress levels. Unlike traditional in-person printing, cloud printing eliminates the hassle of having to deal with cables, software driver issues, connectivity problems, or compatibility troubles. It’s evident that opting to use cloud printing over traditional methods is a breath of fresh air in the workplace. 

On the other hand, cloud printing tends to be hindered by a certain degree by traditional print management solutions that a number of companies still have in place. These usually come in the form of print servers, which can make processes like cloud print setup more complicated than they should be. 

Cloud printing is a highly ergonomic alternative, but when it comes to limitations, we can’t say that it doesn’t have them. For example, most cloud print solutions can only function when linked to specialized printers, are not universally compatible, or require existing printers to be connected to a computer that is running a special type of software. Consequently, your options get restricted and costs eventually skyrocket. 

Don’t let these little downsides dim its lustre, though, because cloud printing is still a beneficial office tool in many regards.  

What Is Cloud Print Management?

Cloud print management provides all the perks of cloud printing and more. Cloud print management delivers convenient remote printing along with next-generation print management that makes print servers pale in comparison. Moreover the cloud printing technology itself, cloud print management entails an essential factor, which is the general management of the printing systems themselves. It’s an innovative technique that enables us to transition from traditional platforms and step onto new ones. 

Replacing on-premise infrastructure with the cloud makes everything easier and more manageable, instantly increasing workflow efficiency.   

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How You Can Benefit From Cloud Services

Transitioning from tradition to the cloud is an important step in creating a world of convenience for both the company and the employees. 

By using cloud print management, you can: 

  • Enjoy reliable printing across the network, regardless of where you are. 
  • Work from home with elevated convenience. Especially during the pandemic, most of us have made the transition into a remote work setting. However, this doesn’t mean no one is left at the office. Some business processes must be performed at the office, and thanks to cloud print management, colleagues can interact with each other and print files remotely in an optimized manner. You’re able to practice physical distancing while keeping the work tasks flowing seamlessly. It’s a win for everyone. 
  • Cut down on expenses. Cloud print management gives companies the opportunity to meet print-on-demand needs, which results in optimal cost-effectiveness by minimizing the need to purchase management hardware and software.
  • Help heal the environment. Cloud print management aids organizations in reducing the size of their carbon footprint. Printing through the cloud means you aren’t driving or commuting to the office. In line with this, carbon emissions from transportation lessen.  
  • Bring Your Own Device. By gaining access to your company’s cloud on your personal computer, phone, or tablet, you won’t have to worry about compatibility or driver issues. 
  • Avoid frequent software updates. The cloud guarantees that any necessary software upgrades happen automatically and in real-time. 

Cloud Print Management vs. Cloud Printing: Which One Reigns Supreme? 

To answer your question of who wins the battle of cloud print management vs. cloud printing, we’re going to give this one to cloud print management. It’s just as convenient as cloud printing, but includes all the general printing system management details as well. 

If you want to experience top-tier cloud print management, you can count on Integr8 to provide enterprise-level services for businesses across North America. Reach out to our team today to make the most out of Integr8’s cloud expertise. 


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