The Difference Between a Copier Company and a Managed Print Services Toronto Company?

Managed Print Services (or MPS for short) can assist with optimizing your printing fleet and managing your printing equipment. It’s estimated that your business can save around 30% of its usual printing costs by using such a partner, but it can be tricky to tell the difference between an MPS and a standard copier company.

There are a number of copier companies out there promoting a range of services, but they can’t offer the wealth of benefits provided by a managed print service company. Finding good managed print services in Toronto shouldn’t be difficult, but you do need to do your research if you want one that is reliable and can give you the best value for money.

So What Does a Copier Company Do?

A copier company will of course be able to draw on a wealth of experience regarding office equipment. They can help to provide you with the right photocopying solution for your size and type of company. Some copier companies can also integrate your device into your local area network and make it part of your day-to-day business process. A copier company will naturally also be able to assist with any breakdowns or repairs necessary on the machines they have proposed for you – and will be happy to sell you all the consumables too. But they don’t quite have the whole picture sewn up. There are so many other features and processes that could be offered in order to make your company’s printing fleet function flawlessly. That’s where an MPS comes into play.

What are Managed Print Service Companies?

Managed print service (MPS) companies are outside providers which manage and can also optimise your company’s document output. When looking for a good managed print services company in Toronto, you’ll need to ensure that they specialise in streamlining your business printing into one, simple process. They should effectively outsource the majority of your printing needs to organizations that have been specifically set up to handle all this. A managed print service in Toronto is a collaboration between your company and a print provider that will specialise in optimizing your printing landscape and helping you to manage it. They will also analyse and consider all your options in terms of what equipment (printers, scanners, faxes, and photocopiers) will be best for your particular line of business, and whether or not what you are currently operating a system that is actually working efficiently for you.

What Would a Managed Print Service Do For My Company?

The services offered by a good managed print service should provide solutions for all aspects of your printing processes that could be hindering your output, impeding efficiency and causing you to dig deep into your company’s pockets. A good managed print service in Toronto will assess your business needs and provide you with a very efficient solution that will help you save money right from the off!

They will design bespoke solutions for your company’s printing needs and help to cut out a lot of wasteful procedures that are simply inefficient or even damaging to your business. These sort of companies offer wide-ranging support for your printing needs and also more high-level management methods that can help keep your printing environment healthy and up to date.

A good managed print service in Toronto will offer customers the best business practices in managed print services. They will use a comprehensive system with open technologies and software to streamline your business processes and free up valuable human resources – meanwhile lowering costs, downtime and also the company’s carbon footprint.

What are The Benefits of Managed Print Services?

Performance-Enhancing Document Solutions

Somebody using a phone and a graph on a computer to chart performance.

Most companies have issues when it comes to effectively managing documentation; often relying just on paper copies, in-house knowledge, and very old-fashioned methods of communication. This inefficient workflow costs your business time and money – weigh up the working hours, costs of paper, replacement toner etc. Managed print services in Toronto can totally revolutionize your document management systems, and make your business futureproof.

Print Security Auditing Services

A half-closed laptop, representing security of information.

The security of your information and data is a hot topic for many companies in this digital era, and we’ve seen how damaging a major leak can be. This makes it even more crucial to stay on top of printer access and restrict to abuse of resources. A good managed print service in Toronto can also offer enhanced print security auditing.

Our unique software will scan your whole network and carry out an audit. It will focus on creating device configurations remotely, assessing for compliance and remedying any violations in terms of password management, firmware upgrades, and the configuration and management of devices settings.

Consolidation of Print Suppliers

It’s not surprising that some of the big corporations and organizations often use a variety of different printing equipment across their business. These devices have usually been added over the course of time, and this just makes the management of each of the units all the more difficult. Moreover, your company will be badgered by numerous suppliers all competing for your trade – which in turn means multiple invoices, different rates for toner and consumables etc. – a paperwork nightmare!

By consolidating your printing providers you can reduce your costs and bundle your printing into one single easy process. This also makes it simpler to deal with vendors – as there’s just one. A managed print services company in Toronto can handle 100% of your company’s printing needs, and your business can then benefit from the increase cost savings, reduced administration and enhanced productivity.

Managed Print Services Toronto

A good managed print services company will offer complete control over all aspects of your company’s document and printing. Gone are the days of searching through old papers and documents to find an invoice or contract; of awkward and old-fashioned authorisation processes for managing access to documentation.

With the help of a good MPS company, all your important business info and documentation will be working in harmony to provide a streamlined and comprehensive system. Your company will therefore be investing in the future, and it can manage access to sensitive documents remotely. Feel free to get in touch with our experienced and friendly team here at Integr8 if you’ve got any more questions, and we’ll do our best to clear it all up.

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