Top 9 Document Security Systems for WFH Setups

In order to adapt to the times, numerous businesses across the world are making the shift towards working remotely. In fact, in the United States alone, 42% of employees are working from home full-time. From this same poll, about 26%–mostly essential workers–need to be physically present at their place of work. From this data, we can see that almost twice as many Americans are working from home as those that need to be at work.

With this sudden shift to remote work and therefore, lack of preparation, some businesses may not have had the time to set up the right document security systems for their employees. This opens up numerous risks such as document theft, unauthorized access or alterations, and so on.

In this article, we will cover a few fundamentals about document security and the top 9 document security systems available for employers looking to protect their internal information. Let’s get started!

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Why Does Your Business Need a Document Security Solution?

Documents can contain a lot of vital and sensitive information for any business, therefore, they need to be efficiently stored and accessible only to authorized individuals. Additionally, certain documents need to be protected from viruses and unauthorized actions such as altering, copying, or printing – from internal and external forces.

This is where document security systems come in. Document security is not only for static-stored files, but also for files that are shared. Depending on the unique needs of your business, your employees should have the right home office security solutions in place to protect important documents from any possible threats.

What Features Define Document Security Systems?

Document security systems can come with different sets of features including one or more of the following:

  • Limited or restricted number of times internally/externally shared documents can be printed
  • Grant and revoke access to documents and files shared internally/externally
  • Restrict screen grabbing or copying from the documents
  • Assign a password for the documents
  • Encrypt files, folders, and drives

What Types of Files Need Document Security the Most?

Document security is mainly for documents that have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Documents bearing sensitive information that must only be accessed or modified by authorized people
  • Documents that are sold as products and should be protected from unauthorized alterations and distribution
  • Important documents that need data security through encryption

Now, let’s talk about our top picks for document security systems that you can use in a WFH setup!

1. Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC

This document security solution allows you to easily manage and control access to your shared PDF files using a variety of intuitive functions. With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you can restrict editing to any file type that has been converted to PDF. You also have additional restriction options such as prohibited copying, redacted information, limited printability, and password protection.

2. CopySafe

As one of the top document security solutions, CopySafe solutions allows you to encrypt PDF and eBook files, prevent any form of screen capture, restrict printing completely, and/or control the number of times a PDF document can be printed.

PDFs can also be set to expire by a certain calendar date or after a set amount of days/hours upon first viewing, as well as have a restricted number of views or visits on a desktop or online display.

3. Locklizard

This document security solution allows you to protect sensitive PDF documents on any device from any location. Through the features of Locklizard PDF DRM, you will be able to restrict unauthorized sharing, copying, and printing of your PDF documents.

You will also be able to set an expiry date to PDFs and instantly revoke access when needed. Furthermore, you can control who can access or use your PDF documents based on the device used or the location of the user.

4. Star Force Electronic Document Protection

This document security solution allows you to effectively protect electronic documents such as HTML files, PDFs, DOC(x), and so on. Star Force Electronic Document Protection focuses on Digital Rights Management (DRM) which allows you to control access and manage the distribution of electronic documents.

There is also an option to protect electronic documents that are sent via email against copying, forwarding, screen grabbing, and printing.

5. Vaultize DRM

With Vaultize DRM, you can utilize micro-containerization technology to encrypt various types of files and embed layers of needed DRM protection. This document security solution allows you to grant and revoke access to your documents whenever necessary. You can also control which locations can view or access your documents. Furthermore, you can easily input expiration settings on your documents as needed.

6. Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Through Symantec Endpoint Encryption’s document security solution, you will be able to protect sensitive information and documents such as encrypting hard drives, flash drives, and all removable media. You can also have email encryption to secure all communications within your business and protect sensitive information sent through this channel.

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7. Folder Lock – File Lock and Encryption Software

This document security solution allows you to password-protect your files, folders, and drives. Folder Lock also allows you to backup your files in real-time and encrypt portable drives. Additionally, this software also allows you to shred files or drives and completely clean up your history when needed.

8. Vitrium Security

This document security solution gives you a secure Virtual Data Room where you can share sensitive information with authorized colleagues, partners, and other stakeholders. With Vitrium Security’s added functionality, you can restrict access to documents, distribute documents securely, and even track how your content is being used. You can also grant and revoke access to files that are online or offline, whenever needed.

9. Integr8 DMS

Integr8’s Document Management System allows you to safely store, track, and manage all types of digital documents. With this system, you can control who has access to your documents and who can make modifications to your documents. Integr8’s DMS automatically ensures that the metadata stored on each document is correct and complete – thereby saving your business from the repercussions of human error.

Contact Integr8 for Your Digital Document Management Needs

Integr8 proudly offers top-notch print and digital document management services tailored to your business’s specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our digital document management system for a more secure and efficient remote working experience.

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