5 Advantages of Ergonomic Workstations

For office workers (or if you’re working from home and you sit in front of a desk all day), having an ergonomic workstation increases efficiency and decreases health issues. It also improves productivity and the quality of work while promoting motivation and involvement at the office.

But what are ergonomic workstations? How does it work and how does it affect people? Keep reading to find out!

Ergonomics 101: What Is It Exactly?

While many think that ergonomics is synonymous with having “good posture,” it’s actually so much more than that. Ergonomics is an approach that focuses on how to make the best out of a (usually small) space to fit the people who use them.

Every element in your workstation should work for you and not the other way around—the height of your desk and chairs, computers, printers, lights, and even floors need to be adjusted for maximum productivity. The goal is to eliminate discomforts, such as back pain or numbness of the hands and feet, and to lessen the risk of injury due to work.

Additionally, an ergonomic workstation setup promotes safety culture—which is derived from the collective perception of a group regarding their health and safety in a work environment. Having a negative safety culture in your company slows down business operations, and you end up risking your entire brand in the process.

That being said, what are all the benefits of ergonomic workstations?

Benefit #1: It Promotes a Healthier Workplace

Employees who work in ergonomic workstations have better health than those who don’t, specifically cardiovascular health. That’s right, sitting for hours on end harms your body in more ways than one. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most reported work-related illnesses, alongside musculoskeletal diseases (MSDs), which are usually characterized by joint and muscle pain.

Adopting an ergonomic workstation lessens the tension in the body while preventing eye strain and neck pain at the same time. Also, it’ll reduce swelling in the legs because blood flow will be optimal. The result is a stress-free work environment that boosts your employees’ motivation.

Moreover, having healthy employees means a fully-operational business and fewer ergonomic lawsuits waiting to happen.

An office worker doing neck exercises

Benefit #2: Ergonomic Workstations Engage People Better 

Your employees are the backbone of your company; they know the business’s processes better than anyone and can almost always deliver deep insight on how to improve said processes. Therefore, their engagement and happiness in the workplace should be one of your top priorities. 

By doing something simple like setting up an ergonomic workstation, you’re telling them that they’re you’re putting their health and safety at the forefront. Improved working conditions also reduce turnover rate, decrease employee absenteeism, enhance morale, and increase employee involvement in the company.

Benefit #3: They Improve Productivity

If implemented correctly, an ergonomic workstation promotes productivity and increases its rate by 25 percent. Make it happen by creating a space that’s designed to improve posture while decreasing repetitive motions. These factors tend to inspire efficiency among employees; they can work faster with fewer errors and have higher energy levels.

Employees that enjoy an ergonomic workstation feel greater satisfaction at the office, which also keeps them engaged and boosts their morale. They tend to pay more attention to their tasks with a better mental capacity to produce their best work for the company.

An employee working at an ergonomic desk

Benefit #4: An Ergonomic Workstation Improves Quality of Work 

It is scientifically proven that overfatigue leads to frustration and burnout. Workers will not be able to put their best foot forward if they’re too tired to even think, and this is exacerbated by risks and hazards present in their physical environment. Whether it’s a faulty chair, a desk that’s too low or too high, or slippery floors, all of these seemingly small things affect the office in a big way.

An ergonomic workstation eliminates these daily hazards and distractions and promotes a conducive office that enhances productivity. This, in turn, improves the quality of work an employee produces.

Benefit #5: It Builds Awareness for Safety Culture

Ergonomic cubicles show your commitment to the health and safety of everyone in your company. Promoting a culture of safety among workers should be a strong core value for any business since this instils the mindset of “safety comes first” in them.

The healthier your employees are, the happier they are. When your employees are happier, the more your company will thrive. It’s worth reiterating that ergonomics is an art and science at the same time. Simply redesigning or adjusting workstations impacts the success of your business immensely. 

Promote the Culture of Ergonomics by Upgrading Your Equipment with Integr8

Ergonomic workstations don’t have to be expensive. Positioning chairs, monitors, or even printers a certain way can enforce the culture of safety within your company. Switching to network printing, for example, lessens the risk of slip-and-fall injuries caused by tangled cables or wires.

It’s time to streamline your hardware and business processes with Integr8’s vast range of multifunction printers. As the unrivalled provider of managed print services in Canada, we offer numerous business solutions with personalized features and benefits. Ready to make the switch to ergonomic workstations? Contact us today!

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