How Integr8 Brought Freshouse Foods’ IT to a Whole New Level

Digital may be in, but we can guarantee you that paper will never fully fold. 

In fact, virtual platforms and traditional print now work hand in hand, and this is exactly what Integr8 stands for. With our head in the game and our eyes on the prize, Integr8 strives to provide our valued customers with performance-enhancing document management solutions like managed print services

Catering to clients in Canada and the U.S., Integr8 specializes in enterprise-level MPS and IT strategies that save on costs, lighten the workload, boost productivity, reduce carbon footprints, and just make things a lot easier. 

Integr8 has partnered with multiple companies from a myriad of industries, helping them propel their day-to-day business processes to new heights of convenience and efficiency. This amazing roster of clients includes the North American leader in protein meal solutions, Freshouse Foods

So, how exactly did Integr8 bring Freshouse Foods’ IT to a whole new level? 

Let’s find out!

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About Freshouse Foods 

To better understand the unique document management needs of Freshouse Foods, we need to jump on a time machine and travel back to 1957, when the brand’s founder, Joseph Belli, arrived in Canada and opened his very first butcher shop in the meat-packing district of Toronto. From a butcher shop’s humble beginnings came an empire, which is the Freshouse Foods that we know today. 

Now, with over 60 years of major retail and food-service experience, Freshouse Foods’ expertise in product development is second to none. 

Thanks to their dedication to curating customized protein items according to the direction of their patrons, Freshouse Foods never fails to exceed customer expectations. Times may have changed drastically since 1957, but one thing has remained constant: their amazing quality products that keep people coming back for more.

Integr8 x Freshouse Foods

Upgrading our clients’ business processes is what we do best at Integr8, and we take pride in the fact that the same vision is reflected in our work for Freshouse Foods. 

Adriano Belli, president and owner at Freshouse Foods spoke to this when he said, “Moving into a new facility, a 150,000 square-foot production facility in Georgetown, Ontario, their team has come in and helped us with our Zebra printers, with our copying machines in the head office and the back of production; and made a world of a difference, bringing our tech to a whole new level.“ 

The Importance of IT in the Food Service Industry 

By providing IT support to Freshouse Foods, Integr8 contributed to their company’s need for thermal printers and copying machines. This correlates with the high demand for information technology in the food service industry. 

While print and other information technology facets were always essential to the food service industry, IT is now more vital than ever before. The effects can be seen on a massive scale, as IT makes the service industry more efficient and streamlined. Moreover, restaurants and cafes, protein meal solution providers, such as Freshouse Foods can take full advantage of IT. 

File Storage and Data Tracking

Before IT became the norm, there was a time when food service managers would have to record everything by hand. Paper and pen work well to a certain extent, but nothing compares to having an easily accessible digital record of all your business data. 

Paper is here to stay, but there is a smart way to minimize paper usage and wastage, and we call it Digital Document Management

Digital Document Management is an easy, clutter-free method to store all of your important files in one safe place. This technique eliminates the need for bulky file cabinets and streamlines your office’s workflow on a daily basis. Thanks to Digital Document Management, companies like Freshouse Foods can store, share, and access their files anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of going through physical piles of paper. 

Order Taking 

In the food service industry, you’d naturally want the orders to roll in as fast as possible. At the same time, you need to deliver those orders as fast as possible too. 

Taking down orders on paper was the way to go until it became evident that handwritten orders can easily get misplaced or lost in translation. This is where IT comes to the rescue. Modern technology gives you the opportunity to tuck your notepad and pen away for another day. Computer input has changed the name of the game with its undeniable accuracy, optimal efficiency, and speed.  

A thermal printer printing labels 

Label Printing 

Thermal printers are indispensable tools in the food service industry.  

When it comes to handling consumables, stringent rules are applied for obvious reasons. Food safety is a priority, especially for Freshouse Foods, which is famous for creating protein products that are as safe as they are high quality. 

Regulations and standards mandate food labelling and traceability. Customers need to have visibility on a product’s ingredients, manufacturing date, expiration date, price, and cooking instructions. This is why food and beverage and hospitality operators opt for reliable food-labelling systems.   

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Integr8   

Integr8 caters to a wide demographic of industries, working in collaboration with companies in the field of education, law, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.   

Are you interested in taking your brand’s IT to the next level, too? Give us a call to learn more! 

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