Holiday Gift Guide: Top Home Office Gifts for Coworkers

Holiday gift-giving is almost upon us! 

We know this season is so much fun—and stressful. Whether it’s Secret Santa or you’re just trying to do something nice for your favourite colleague, shopping for small Christmas gifts for coworkers can admittedly be a big challenge.

The good news is we’re here to help with this guide to office accessory gifts. From new mouse pads to ergonomic keyboard trays and docking stations, we’ve rounded up the very best gifts for home office needs on a wallet-friendly budget. 

Let’s get into it! 

Ergonomic Buys

Bad office ergonomics can have serious consequences, including soreness in the hands, wrist, and back that limit productivity. While you probably can’t go out and buy them an adjustable standing desk, these gifts for home offices can surely help! 

Mouse Pad

Mouse pads are one of the best inexpensive home office gifts you can give your coworkers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning you can likely find one that matches their personality or home office style. 

However, you can really show them you care by gifting a mouse pad with wrist support for improved ergonomics. These keep their wrist in a better position throughout the day for improved comfort—there’s nothing holly or jolly about carpal tunnel. 

Keyboard Tray 

Working from home all day at an office desk can be tough, but the right accessories can make it much more pleasurable. Going the extra mile to gift your coworker a high-quality keyboard tray that improves their posture could be life-changing. 

People who work at desks often find trays improve comfort by allowing for lower and more flexible positioning of their keyboard. They range in price, but whichever you choose is sure to help them the gift receiver get through their daily to-do list more comfortably.

A white mouse on top of a mouse pad with raised wrist support

Organization Must-Haves

There’s more to home office organization than just getting an all-in-one computer. If you really want to improve the quality of life for your coworkers who work from home, why not consider giving these office accessory gifts that will help keep them organized? 

Docking Station

Docking stations are some of the best home office gifts, especially for those who run multiple devices in their workspace. They reduce tangled cables and clutter by allowing you to plug everything into one singular device.


Holders do exactly what their name suggests: hold things in place. Whether it’s a smartphone, printer, computer, or something else, one of these is a great gift that is often quite affordable while still being incredibly useful. 

Holders come in all shapes and sizes, also making them one of the most versatile gifts for home office needs. They’re one of the best small Christmas gifts for coworkers who love to organize their own space—or just need a little help!

Device Protection Essentials

When shopping for home office gifts for coworkers, you can also consider going down the “device protection” route. These are the gifts that work wonders to keep computers safe and working properly all year round.

Carrying Case

No one is ever going to be unhappy with a sturdy carrying case. It’s no secret that laptops are expensive, so help them protect their investment! Whether you opt for a briefcase-style case or an over-the-shoulder bag, you can’t go wrong with these.

Cooling Stands

Those who work on a laptop every day know how quickly they can heat up. This can create an uncomfortable working experience, as well as put your valuable device at risk of overheating and breaking. A cooling stand really is a perfect gift, isn’t it?

Desktop Computer Case

Cases for desktop computers are a great way to inject some personality into your home office. As such, they make awesome gifts! 

Some of them are more focused on improving your PC’s airflow, but others come in cool designs and colours they’re sure to love. No matter which style you opt for, you can rest assured it’ll help keep a home computer safe.

a man holding a briefcase-style laptop bag

Shop Amazing Home Office Gifts at Integr8

This concludes our list of recommendations! We hope it made the process of shopping for small Christmas gifts for coworkers a little easier. Remember to take a deep breath and remind yourself it’s the thought that counts. 

Integr8 is the best place to shop for all these products and more. We make sure to keep our digital shelves stocked with everything you could ever need, from monitors to printers and, of course, helpful office accessory gifts.

Get in touch with us to shop for gifts for home office needs!

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