AI Managed Print Services: They’re Here to Help

Whatever industry you’re in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are likely tools being discussed in the context of your work. Though it’s still a grey area for some due to the possibility of it replacing humans, AI is still very much in development.

Continue reading to clear some misconceptions and learn how it can help you!

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is when computers mimic a human’s cognitive functions, such as learning, reasoning, and problem-solving. AI copies our thinking through math and logic to gather new information and make decisions.

It’s vital to understand machine learning as it pertains to AI managed print services. This AI subset uses mathematical models of data to learn without direct instruction, actively improving itself based on its experiences.

The Benefits of AI Managed Print Services

The self-learning capabilities of AI are what the printing industry needs to evolve. AI-powered solutions can solve multiple problems print services encounter, boost business success, and prevent your print operations from becoming outdated.

By adopting these print services, providers and clients can enjoy the following benefits.

It Can Reduce Downtime by Identifying Problems Faster

Allowing AI to assist your managed print services can reduce downtime and provide solutions for the following issues:

1. Machine Maintenance

Maintenance is critical to making your printer last longer, but requires a trained eye to spot potential problems. On the outside, a printer may seem to be performing well as it provides the documents needed, but it may have internal issues. If not addressed, your printer is liable to break down at a crucial time and leave you stressed.

Having AI printing by your side can keep you informed about your printer’s health. It tracks and notes the internal system, making it easy to spot issues. When a problem arises, it can recommend the best time for a maintenance check to avoid bottlenecks.

A printer technician conducts maintenance.

2. Depleted Consumables

Adopting AI software for printing can fix the issue of low consumables. Running out of ink in your printer is inconvenient—finding out there is no replacement ink available is downright infuriating. This software can notify you when to buy ink cartridges and paper as soon as it notices the stock is low.

Additionally, AI printing services can be automated to order consumables by itself. The software tracks a printer’s usage trends and uses that information to learn the best time to replenish stock, allowing you to buy in bulk and save money.

3. Printing Overload

Sometimes multiple employees print simultaneously and cause a bottleneck. With AI printing, gone are the days when documents are pending in the queue. Instead, the AI software can detect and automatically reroute the request to an available printer nearby.

It Can Decrease Print Waste

Print waste comes in the form of paper jams, erroneous outputs, and ink spills on papers. Consequently, you end up wasting money and consumables.

By learning printer adjustments, AI managed print services can produce your desired output with the right image qualities and other details, eliminating print waste to improve sustainability in the workplace.

It Provides Company Data Protection

Data breaching is prevalent in printing services, putting thousands of employees at risk. Fortunately, AI printing can protect company data from unauthorized eyes. The software can detect threats and activate remedial protocols to prevent a breach.

It can also oversee and grant access for the printing of sensitive information, adding another layer of data protection by limiting who can print what.

It Can Enhance Print Outcomes

AI printing can make recommendations on your document’s image quality, frame, or sizing. Its algorithm learns which layout best fits the file you need to print, giving you an excellent output sure to impress clients and improve work efficiency.

A printer producing a large output.

It Can Optimize Energy Use

AI printing tracks your printing output over time to optimize energy usage. Its software can put your printers on standby until needed to conserve energy, helping you reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity bills.

Adopting AI Managed Print Services

AI managed print services offer many benefits for businesses and their clients. It improves office efficiency by effortlessly assisting employees with their tasks.

While these services are still in development, companies must have managed print services to reduce unnecessary costs and improve productivity. If that’s what you’re looking for, Integr8 is here to lend a helping hand! As one of the leading MPS providers across Canada and the U.S., rest assured we’ll take care of your needs.

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