How Can Managed Print Services Save Money?

In today’s economic sphere many businesses are continuously working to cut unnecessary costs, maximize every dollar spent and grow organizations to its full potential.

As businesses grow and competition becomes fierce, it’s important to create organizational processes that are efficient in terms of both work flow and cost. That way, team members can fully dedicate their focus to the important work at hand.

Here at Integr8, our mission is to help clients achieve cost efficiency and better business practices through managed print services in Toronto. We work to help you save!

How Managed Print Services Work

The primary purpose of managed print services is to enable businesses to control their printing and ultimately organizational visibility. Managed Print Services is currently recognized by many an umbrella term consisting of many different services–it’s a new field and the technology behind it is ever-changing.

The term “print” includes any services related to printing, including copying, scanning, faxing, and other document processes. Successful managed print services typically contain three main service areas: print vendor consolidation, print security auditing and print vendor consolidation. Through an integrated platform, these services can conveniently be managed, monitored and maintained all in one platform. As a result, managed print services can save businesses countless hours of time from searching for documents and boost workplace productivity.

How Much Does Managed Print Services Cost?

The cost of managed print services in Toronto is entirely dependent on the size of your business and the areas its servicing. For example, a business that runs entirely on digital platforms likely have a different cost than those that haven’t already transferred processes to digital platforms.

Although some may worry about spending higher budgets with one managed print services company rather than splitting it across multiple specialized companies, it can help you save in a number of ways.

How Managed Print Services Can Help You Save

Increased Workflow Management

As we mentioned previously, managed print services and vendor consolidation can significantly save time for all employees. Many people spend time searching for documents, communicating with vendors across a variety of platforms to complete tasks, waiting by the printer, and other tedious tasks.

IT Managers have been reported to make up to $120,000 annually, and unfortunately many of those hours become dedicated to solving printing or copying errors. By using managed print services in Toronto, organizations can reallocate IT hours to IT-specific work, rather than trying to fix errors on machines that you’ve already invested thousands of dollars in. Maintenance will no longer be an issue that the IT department has to deal with– instead, your managed print services vendor will ensure that everything’s running smoothly and as effectively as possible.

Throughout companies, employees will be able to better utilize their working hours to increase their output and increase the organization’’s value as a whole. By cutting through all the noise, organizations can make better-informed management decisions as well.

Reduced Equipment Costs

Printers can consume a lot of ink, toner and paper, but some definitely have better printing efficiency levels than others. According to a study by consumer reports, individual devices can use up to $100 of ink per year. Additionally, an office worker (on average) can spend approximately $1000 of printing each year. For offices with multiple employees and devices, printing costs can add up to significant sums. Many offices often find themselves paying out unreasonably high sums for simple equipment repair.

By using managed print services and conducting regular print audits, Integr8 can identify where most of your spend is going, and if your print output is optimal. We can create solutions that can maximize your spend and reduce equipment and supplies costs. Even if you need to purchase new equipment to replace purged printing supplies, we will make sure that your new machinery will be worth the investment long-term.

Reduced Paper

Some poor printing systems fail to recognize printing jobs and can print multiple copies, wasting paper. In a study conducted by, they identified that 50% of paperwork generated within office environments are never actually read.

Digitizing processes, creating online platforms and managing existing print services can result in employees only printing when necessary, and avoiding additional copies or wasted paper. To increase printing efficiency, print audits can promote double-sided printing, lower operating costs and improve print maintenance.

Lowered Disaster Recovery costs

Companies that lose equipment, printed documents and online information due to natural disasters or security breaches can be pushed to spend thousands of dollars to try and get things up and running again. Many disaster recovery take advantage of this position and charge through the roof just to get companies operating again.

Managed print services in Toronto provide off-site storage or cloud storage to ensure your paper and digital documents have backups. That way, should anything happen to your documents, your business will be able to work and you won’t have to spend a fortune on disaster recovery.

Managed print services have proven to reduce overall expenses for many organizations through methods like document digitization, print security audits and vendor consolidation. Here at Integr8, we understand that print technology is constantly changing. We’ll stay on top of the latest trends so that you can always be one step ahead of your clients, save on printing costs, and keep your business digitally secure. Contact us today to learn how managed print services can help add even more value to your business.

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