How to Boost Office Morale: 3 Tips You Need to Know

As technology advances, it integrates with every aspect of the office—document processing, data analysis, and of course, printing materials. No matter what task it is, there’s likely already a process dedicated to streamlining it. Given the convenience and efficiency technology offers, it’s only natural to adjust to the sign of the times.

Continuous usage of old, inefficient technology brings down office morale—it negatively affects employee productivity, focus, and overall mood, disrupting their energy to work seamlessly. If this persists, your business could suffer the consequences of negligence and missed opportunities.

When you leverage the best office morale boosters using technology, it’s a win-win situation. Check out our top three tips below:

1. Upgrade Office Devices

Who has the patience to wait endlessly for a webpage to load? No one! This issue is one of the common causes of low office morale.

An outdated office is a big no-no in this fast-paced digital world. Computer lags and slow internet interfere immensely with employee productivity and business processes. Constant repetition of these issues is bound to have a negative impact on their mood and performance quality.

If you have the budget for it, you can solve this issue by upgrading your office devices to new models. Doing so lessens waiting time and improves office efficiency, boosting employee morale. This investment will go a long way because the latest devices are designed for longevity and high performance.

With that said, here’s a checklist of what device upgrades are worth considering for optimal performance:

2. Improve Office Ergonomics

Want to learn how to boost office morale? Make employee health and comfort in the office a top priority! Run a survey about what they think needs to be improved within the office environment, so you can hit two birds with one stone—learning their needs and discovering solutions to their problems.

Don’t take office ergonomics lightly; it improves health and reduces work-related injuries. There are many aspects to ergonomics, and upgrading chairs and tables is a great place to start. This way, your employees will be comfortable as they finish tasks assigned for the day!

 A woman experiencing back pain due to bad office ergonomics

3. Invest in Streamlining Processes

Innovative technology—check! Office ergonomics—check! The next thing we need to address is the streamlining of processes. As they help you reduce menial tasks, it leaves more room for your employees to accomplish more important ones. When you streamline processes, your office efficiency drastically improves because it minimizes the effort to do the job, improving the morale of your employees since they don’t need to exert more energy than necessary.

If you’ve been wondering how to boost office morale, here are some reliable streamlining processes your company could reap huge benefits from.

A. Managed Print Services

If your office heavily relies on printing, then it’s a must for you to have managed print services. It will spare your employees from frustrating print tasks like queueing, ink and toner replacements, and issues like paper jams or connection troubleshooting. Eliminating these elements allows your employees to enjoy trailblazing office productivity since they’ll have more time to focus on essential tasks.

On top of that, managed print services help your company reduce printing costs. So, how does this work? Your service provider will create a rundown of your office’s current and future printing needs. This data shows you what to lessen or add while meeting a feasible budget.

B. Performance-Enhancing Document Solutions

Projects can become a nightmare to manage if they’re all over the place. With performance-enhancing document solutions, you can keep all your documents in one accessible system and collaborate without trouble!

Incorporating this streamlined process motivates your employees to continue their work momentum since all their needed files are organized and stored in one place. This solution also improves company teamwork across various departments because every office file is accessible, eliminating the wait times for document transfers. With easy-to-use interfaces, teams can continue working and creating as if they were in the same room.

C. Digital Document Management

Office ambience and space affect employee morale—and a cluttered office will ruin their mood and productivity! Start decluttering files by opting for digital document management. This service tracks, stores, and manages all your documents digitally, freeing up a lot of space in your filing cabinets.

By adding this process to your office, your employees won’t have difficulty accessing the files they need for a task. Ultimately, it’ll boost office morale because it’s convenient and enables them to focus on their tasks better. Gone are the days when they must scour each folder in the cabinet just to find what’s needed!

A cluttered office filing room

D. Print Security Audit Services

No one is safe from data security breaches, so it’s highly recommended you stay vigilant and prepared if the time comes. Introducing our print security audit service—it protects your printing devices from cyber-attacks while reducing expenses and paper waste.

This will positively impact office morale since your employees can rest assured their work and personal details are safe. It also saves them from encountering printing problems since this service tracks what improvements your printers could use.

Integr8 Offers the Best Office Morale Boosters

Learning how to boost morale in the office is essential for leaders and business owners since it’s for the health, wellness, and growth of employees. Remember—a happy employee means better performance!

Get all the latest office upgrades and services here at Integr8, the leading provider of managed print services in Canada and the U.S. Contact us today to learn more about our offers.

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