A How-To Guide To New Process Implementation

Companies implement business processes or routines to maintain an organized workplace. It creates an efficient flow that enables employees to deliver their work successfully and maintain great customer service. Ultimately, it also paves a path for business growth and reaching desired goals.

However, it’s easier said than done, as process implementation isn’t a walk in the park. It requires a united effort from different departments of your enterprise. But remember—all good things require a bit of sacrifice! Nevertheless, US studies show that strategic business process management projects can deliver between 30-50% productivity gains. Who says your Canadian company can’t make it happen?

Integr8 is here to jumpstart your success with a guide to implementing work processes. We’ll cover everything from building your project team to creating an implementation strategy.

7 Steps for Implementing a New Business Process

Business process implementation starts with a plan, continues in execution, and ends with a review. Achieve a successful and efficient process with these steps below:

1. Create a Project Team for Forging a New Process

Gather your most reliable team members, then brainstorm about how this new system will improve the company and what goals you hope to achieve. During this step, it’s critical to ensure that everyone’s opinion is heard to avoid conflicts. These people will be instrumental in preparing the company and other employees for the new process.

Let’s visualize things better with an example—say your company needs a new process for printing. Adding technological assistance, like managed print services, will improve productivity and efficiency in the office, helping you achieve goals faster. Ask everyone on the project team what their take is on the proposed new process.

2. Form a Process Implementation Plan

Successful implementation starts with a plan. Spend as much time as you need on fortifying the planning process to find possible gaps or inconsistencies. Doing so will lessen the chances of errors in the execution phase because you’ve taken the initiative to anticipate all possibilities.

Most processes at work require a long time to be fully adopted by the organization, so it’s best to set a reasonable due date for finalizing your implementation plan. Track your progress by downloading and using project management software, then pair it with a reliable digital document management system to keep all related files organized and accessible for those involved.

3. Inform Employees About the New Process Implementation

Once you and your project team have finalized all details about the process implementation plan, it’s time to share the news with the rest of the organization. Deliver your message effectively by following these tips:

  • Let them know you’ve heard their complaints and improvement suggestions regarding the organization’s current state.
  • Introduce the new process implementation plan, then cite sources and reasons for why upgrading and changing office systems are a must.
  • Let’s say you’re levelling-up your print processes—make it a point to explain how the technology of managed print services will help the company tackle objectives better and remove inefficient processes.
  • Lay out the entire plan in front of them with visual aids to communicate your ideas more effectively. Use a flowchart as a map to present the new process and how it works from start to finish.

A flowchart of a new business process

4. Provide Training for Employees

Before you officially implement processes, it’s necessary to train employees on how they work. Walk them through each step of the new system, while ensuring they’re hands-on with the tools and technology so they’ll familiarize themselves with the actual flow and adapt to the changes better.

This is also the best time to ask everyone what areas they need assistance with. Adjust to their needs, then provide more personalized, practical training to help them acclimate.

5. Move On to the Execution Phase

After priming your organization with the new process, it’s time to execute the plan. Appoint key employees to monitor the progress and ask them to take detailed notes along the way.

Don’t panic if things start to go wrong—it’s all part of the process. Accept that failure is an important part of success that reveals what adjustments need to be made to improve even further. Don’t be too hard on yourself or anyone else—you’ve all just been introduced to something new. Great things take time, so be patient.

Going back to our example of upgrading your print processes, keep in mind that the execution phase is the perfect time for testing your chosen technology and printing solutions upgrades. If you’ve opted for cloud printing management or print vendor consolidation, keep a close eye on whether it’s actually improving your organization and helping you achieve the goals you set.

6. Have a Monthly Meeting Review

Gather all data related to the new work processes, including employee feedback, performance reviews, and bottlenecks. Don’t forget to collect details from your assistive apps and service providers—they’re also here to analyze and suggest how to improve the new business process.

Then, invite your key employees and department heads to a monthly meeting to discuss this information. Together, try to find solutions and decide if adjustments need to be made.

Department heads discussing the issues and solutions of the new process implementation

7. Continue Execution With Applied Solutions

The only way to see improvement is to keep moving forward with the implemented business process, but don’t forget to tweak some things based on data to see progress. Continuous use of the new system will make your employees adapt to the flow in no time!

Let Integr8 Help You Implement a New Process

Process implementation is the answer to achieving goals and meeting targets because you’re updating systems to become more efficient than ever. In this digital era, using technology can help make process implementation easier as you establish solid routines and make way for employees to adapt to changes.

From managed print services to print security audits, Integr8 has the perfect solutions to help you enact a new business process flawlessly.

Let us support your company’s growth! Contact us today for more details and see why our services are exactly what you’re looking for.

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