7 Tips on How To Make Your Printer Last Longer

Whether it’s for home or business use, there’s no denying that a printer is more than just a useful tool. It’s a wise investment—so you want to make it last as long as possible.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make your printer last longer so you can cut down on costly repairs and consistently produce quality prints.

Don’t worry—you won’t need to hire a printer technician to carry out these tips. On the contrary, these tips below don’t require spending a dime. 

Ready? Let’s dive into how to make your printer last longer with some very simple tips. 

1. Train Your End Users

One of the most common reasons printers break down is user error. Moreover, it’s also the main reason printers require frequent maintenance. Here are some things you should be training your employees on when using office printers:

Basic Operations and Common Errors

Training should include the basics of operating a printer, such as properly turning the machine on and off and loading supplies. You can also use this opportunity to discuss common errors. 

We also recommend you print cheat sheets on how to operate a printer. Your employees can always refer to it if they get stuck!

Cleaning and Calibrating the Printer

Some of the more complicated tasks include cleaning and calibrating the printer. It will be ideal if your end users know how to do these advanced procedures.

Using the Help Desk Feature

If you’re using a managed print provider that has a help desk feature, ensure your users know how to use this valuable resource. A quality help desk can walk users through troubleshooting printer issues. 

Even after training, it’s best to post reminders next to the printer, especially if the same malfunctions occur after the training. For instance, you can post a reminder for users to remove any staples before inserting papers for printing or copying.

A person operating a printer at work

2. Assign Someone To Be The Main Printer Operator

​​If multiple people use the same machine, then the chances are higher that the printer will break down sooner or later. That is why you need to designate an individual to be trained in all aspects of operating the printer—from installation to maintenance.

This person will also serve as an on-site assistant to other employees—someone they can count on before calling the help desk. 

It’s best to find someone tech-savvy with good troubleshooting skills. 

3. Use Quality Supplies 

Quality prints can only be produced if you use quality supplies. We recommend you use printing paper recommended by the printer manufacturer.

Low-quality paper and third-party toners can cause poor printing quality and paper jams. Moreover, it can also significantly decrease the lifespan of the printer.

The few bucks you’ll save on a ream of paper or third-party cartridge is offset by the amount of maintenance you’ll have to spend on when it breaks down.

4. Observe Cleanliness 

The printer can accumulate a lot of dust, which will cause it to malfunction. Try to keep the printer in a low-traffic area to avoid dust and fingerprint buildup.

Here are a couple of other things you can do to keep the printing area clean:

  • Don’t touch the copier glass with your fingers;
  • Keep the windows closed and regularly vacuum the room;
  • Clean the printer with an electrostatic cloth; and
  • Periodically clean the loading tray to keep it dust-free.

5. Give The Printer Its Own Space 

Don’t install the printer in a cramped area. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to perform maintenance. Install the printer somewhere where you can easily access any of its components.

6. Store Printer Supplies in the Right Conditions 

You can’t store printing supplies just anywhere. This is because heat can cause the ink inside a cartridge to leak. Also, paper is sensitive to humidity. If you store it in a humid place, it will become damp, which can cause paper jams. Make sure you store all printing supplies in a cold, dry place.

A printer placed in a clean and clear space

7. Treat Your Printer with Utmost Care 

Like you wouldn’t want to pound on your keyboard or phone, the same should apply to your printer. Printers are very sophisticated devices and should be treated with care.

We recommend you remind your staff to close the doors and trays with respect of company property. This includes not tugging on the cables or hitting the machine when it malfunctions.

It’s also critical that you don’t overwork your printer. Each printer has an upper duty cycle number which sets how many pages it can print each month without breaking down.

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