The Importance of Sustainability in the Workplace

Why is sustainability important? Well, because it contributes to sustaining life on the planet that we all live on. 

We can all pitch in by going green at home, at school, and at work. 

Sustainability in the workplace aids in improving the health of the planet, while creating a better and more inspiring environment for your employees and overall business in the process. It’s more than just a mission statement or core value, as it can truly be a catalyst for the future success of your company in multiple facets. For many organizations, sustainability in the workplace aims to centre on its impact on the community, whether it’s on a local or global scale. 

To bring your company’s status higher up the sustainability-meter, you need to take real action for better work practices and improved work culture. 

If you’re looking for ways to understand and instill the importance of sustainability in the workplace, these quick tips will help you get started towards being kinder towards Mother Nature while you go about business as usual. When you go green in the workplace, there’s no need to sacrifice quality, as there are so many viable eco-friendly alternatives at your fingertips; and we’re here to prove it. 

A person pointing at a screen displaying elements that represent sustainability 

Electronics Management  

There is an endless list of best practices that can be performed in order to reduce energy consumption in the office. Sure, many of our tasks need to be done with the help of computers, printers, and other devices that rely on electricity, so we can’t just unplug and work in the dark. 

Instead, you can work strategically by placing stickers close to the office machinery and light switches as gentle reminders for your team members to switch them off when not in use. Otherwise, you can opt to go mechanical by installing motion sensors or automatic timers. 

Now that you’ve got some control over that factor, you should assess the physical condition of all your devices. Printers and copier machines that are covered in dirt and dust consume more energy than well-maintained ones do. So, we highly recommend that you dedicate a few days to enhance your cleaning protocols.

Finally, desktops are great, but laptops can work just as efficiently minus the high energy consumption. As a bonus, you and your teammates can take your work with you anywhere, making you feel more empowered and productive without being confined to one desk.  

Digital Conferences 

We’re no stranger to digital conferences, especially since COVID-19 forced us to get so well-accustomed to it. However, now that we have grown so used to having meetings online, they have proven to be just as efficient as face-to-face meetings. 

Holding meetings online saves time, effort, and nonrenewable resources (such as water, electricity, and gas). Whatever you save on that drive or commute to work, you are giving back to Mother Nature. 

Additionally, virtual conferences also help ensure high attendance rates, as the location won’t have to be an impediment at all. 

Managed Print Services 

Print is never not in high demand, so there’s no avoiding this one! However, there is a way to make this facet more sustainable, and that’s by incorporating managed print services in your workflow. Managed print services (MPS) provide significant cost savings and productivity boosts by helping you minimize unnecessary printing and reducing paper and ink waste. 

When you let the experts take the reins, you can watch your paper and ink wastage go down while sustainability in the workplace goes through the roof. 

Sustainable Dining 

Keeping company kitchens, restaurants, and cafeterias well-stocked with healthy options rather than processed foods and caffeinated beverages is a brilliant way to go green in the food department at work.

Aside from serving healthier meals, you might also consider switching from single-use plastics to reusable dishware. Or why not encourage your employees to bring their own mugs, tumblers, and cutlery if they prefer it? 

Wellness in the Workplace 

Promoting ergonomic practices and overall wellness is another way to boost sustainability in the workplace. By incorporating healthcare programs and workout facilities in your team’s day-to-day schedules, you can create an environment of healthy behaviours. 

You can even extend this practice outside of the office by offering incentives for those who opt to ride a bike, take public transportation, or carpool to work!  

A man heading to work on a bicycle 

Sustainable Supply Chains 

Recruiting the services of an environment-friendly supply chain is a fundamental approach to guaranteeing the reduction of carbon footprints. 

While it may seem like a challenging task, it will be worth it in the long run. Collaborate with suppliers to encourage business practices that are deemed sustainable, like utilizing recycled materials that are free from hazardous substances, such as cadmium, lead, and mercury. 

Buy Green Products 

Whenever it is possible, try your best to shop for clean and green materials for your office. For instance, if you need to purchase new printers, you can shop around for second hand equipment that is still in good condition. When it comes to repainting and cleaning the office, opt for eco-friendly paints and cleaning products. You get a double-win with this one by positively impacting the air quality and preventing any sicknesses from spreading. 

Additionally, motivate your employees to step into the sustainability cycle by providing customized bins for segregating waste.  

Take Sustainability Courses  

Life is a never ending learning experience and if you’re interested in learning more about eco-friendly habits, there are great online courses to take! 

Integr8 is committed to better business sustainability and stands by this value by means of multiple elements. One of those elements is HP’s Amplified Changemaker Course that aids in minimizing our ecological footprint via audits and tips on better practices. 

Sustainability in the Workplace: The Best Investment for Your Business  

Now that you have read our quick environmental tips, you’re surely excited to try out your brand new sustainable office habits!

Boosting sustainability in the workplace is the best investment for your business. Successful companies think forward — and by prioritizing ergonomic and eco-friendly practices, the future will be painted bright green. 

At Integr8, we value the importance of sustainability in the workplace, and it reflects in our revolutionary services that aid in reducing waste and saving on costs. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about how managed print services, cloud printing management, and digital document management can help make your company a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable place. 


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