5 Industries That Can Benefit From Managed Print Services

As businesses and organizations strive to maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, and enhance their sustainability efforts, the need for streamlined print management has never been more apparent.

This is where managed print services (MPS) comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution that can revolutionize the way companies handle their printing needs.

From manufacturing to healthcare, and education to legal services, a wide range of industries can reap the benefits of MPS. They improve a company’s print infrastructure, reduce printing costs, and control print usage efficiently. Working with a managed print services provider lessens stress while enhancing office productivity, giving you and your organization more time to focus on your actual work.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of managed print services, why they’re not just a convenience but a strategic necessity for numerous sectors, and which industries benefit from them the most.

1. Accounting Industry

The accounting industry heavily relies on print devices given the countless papers it produces annually. Inaccurate financial reporting can lead to serious workplace problems, such as poor data management, scattered filing systems, and high fines. Proper organization is a must when handling documents that pertain to people’s money.

A managed print service can be a game-changer for accounting firms. Here’s how:

  • Avoid print bottlenecks with FollowMe Printing, a managed print solution that sends your documents to an available printer. Gone are the days of suspending work tasks to stand in line waiting to print something!
  • An organized workplace improves employee efficiency and boosts data protection. Performance-Enhancing Document Solutions give your company a better space for storing client data and other important files.

2. Legal Industry

Law firms still need paper. Lawyers and paralegals print contracts, waivers, and other legal files for clients to sign. Many of these documents contain sensitive information, which, if mishandled, could comprise a case. With so many elements to consider, it’s easy for your print environment to become disorganized and at risk of security breaches.

Here’s how print management services can help avoid these serious consequences:

  • Digital Document Management helps track, manage, and store digital documents digitally. This helps the environment, reduces paper costs, and mitigates the risk of human error (i.e. someone losing an important document).
  • Print Vendor Consolidation also helps reduce costs by consolidating all print needs to one vendor. This is especially helpful for businesses ordering paper in large quantities, such as law firms and other legal-related organizations.

A lawyer going through a stack of papers on the table

3. Education Industry

Educational institutions have a massive print infrastructure. Students and teachers heavily rely on these output devices for an enhanced learning experience, from printing tests and homework sheets to textbooks. Unfortunately, schools continue to rely on outdated print services that cost them money.

Managed print services can provide the following benefits for schools:

  • Cloud Printing Management allows students and teachers with access to an online document to print from their devices. This is especially valuable given how there can be upwards of 20 in a classroom at a time.
  • As with the legal industry, vendor consolidation also ensures paper is being delivered seamlessly and on time to fulfill educational needs. The last thing schools want is to be juggling multiple vendors for the supplies their students need.

4. Healthcare Industry

Even with a digital transformation, the healthcare industry continues to rely on printed documents. Patient charts, prescriptions, and release papers are the typical documents that flow in and out of printing devices. Unfortunately, this industry isn’t safe from negligence and mismanagement that can lead to dangerously compromised sensitive information.

This is how a managed print service can benefit the healthcare industry:

  • A Print Security Audit Service works to protect printers and computers from nefarious hackers online and offline. This is especially important when printing documents detailing health information that must remain confidential.
  • Digital Document Management and Cloud Printing allow large teams to more easily access documents as needed. By controlling who does and doesn’t have access, they can cut down on wasted time.

5. Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers have more costly needs compared to other industries. They produce text-heavy documents and print out visual images for marketing purposes. All these require high-resolution printing for a successful sales turnover.

A print management service can help manufacturers lower costs, adapt to digital transformation, and streamline their processes. Here’s how:

  • Digital Document Management gives you a fine-tuned online sorting space to simplify document-sharing with clients and stakeholders, cutting down on wasted time you’d otherwise spend managing them.
  • Implementing FollowMe printing helps eliminate user competition over print devices and harness office productivity. is network efficiently delegates print jobs to available printers and copiers near you.

A wide format printer produces a large visual material

Streamline Operations in Your Industry with MPS

Accounting, legal, education, healthcare, and manufacturing—all five of these industries can benefit from a managed print service. Outsourcing these needs is the key to unlocking improved productivity, print security, and organization.

Integr8 has the print management services you need. Our customizable offerings target pain points in the office and eliminate them with affordable solutions. No matter your industry, you’ll benefit from our tools, tech, and software.

Get in touch with us today to get started!

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