How Enterprise-Level MPS Can Help Your Business

When business gets busy, you know you’re on the right path – but that also means that the work can start to feel overwhelming. When the demand for print goes up, there is a simple way to solve it, and it goes by the name of Managed Print Services or MPS. 

MPS refers to the general provision and oversight of a business’ document output by an external provider. The process conveniently replaces the need for fax machines, printers, photocopiers, scanners, and multifunction electronic devices. Additionally, recruiting the help of MPS gives a company the opportunity to free up time and resources in order to allocate more effort to the main business concerns.

Interested in harnessing the power of managed print services in order to change the way you print? Allow us to show you how to make the most of enterprise-level MPS for accountants, lawyers, educational institutions, and healthcare professionals. 

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Enterprise-Level MPS For Accountants

If you work in accounting, then you’re no stranger to the massive amounts of messy paperwork that this career path entails. It isn’t a true accountant’s office if you don’t see memos, client information, and balance sheets flying around the room from time to time. 

Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a paper trail every day, why don’t you outsource your print needs instead? 

In order to give your accounting office a detox and boost workflow productivity to an optimal level, you could use a dose of MPS. Working as an accountant will be all the more rewarding once you experience the perks of managed print services. It generates better productivity at a cost-effective price. 

Benefits Of MPS For Accountants 

Follow Me Printing:

Follow Me Printing is a type of MPS that basically gives the user a lot more control over the printing jobs that are performed by the service provider. It’s the perfect tool to make your office more efficient and stress-free as it gives the user the opportunity to have a clear scope of the processes.  

Pull Printing: 

Pull printing works by sending the print jobs to a central server, which determines what type of machine is best for a particular task. Why is this type of service the perfect enterprise-level MPS? Well, because it saves everyone precious time and RAM on their devices. 

Cloud Printing Management:

Cloud printing management is one of the most cutting-edge managed print services in the world right now. It gives users the convenience of printing documents from anywhere in the world. With a vast amount of digital storage at your disposal in the cloud, nothing will rain on your workflow parade ever again.  

Enterprise-Level MPS For Lawyers

Working in the field of law is 30% courtrooms and 80% paperwork. That’s 110%, you say? Well, that’s because being an employee in the law industry is indisputably one of the most demanding jobs on the planet. 

A lot of paperwork is printed in the daily life of a lawyer. This document-heavy profession requires the use of paper copies, but having them cluttered all over your office can impede your productivity and waste precious time and energy. 

Give your law firm and your mind a cleanse by harnessing the power of managed print services. Enterprise-level MPS is the answer to your paper clutter woes, so you can relax and focus on the case. 

Benefits Of MPS For Lawyers 

Print Vendor Consolidation:

By utilizing print vendor consolidation, you won’t have to worry about handling different printers from different vendors. Enterprise-level MPS by Integr8 helps provide all of your printing needs from one convenient and efficient source. 

Printer Security Auditing:

Just like your computer and online information, your printer and document management system can be vulnerable to security breaches. When you work with sensitive information, you need to have a reliable printer security audit to flawlessly shield your printers and cloud from hackers and other cyber threats.  

Enterprise-Level MPS For Educational Institutions

While we are indeed living in the digital age that evolves endlessly, most educational institutions still rely on printed resources, such as modules, visual aids, worksheets, test papers, and certificates. 

If you work at a school, you’re already familiar with the stress of having to print all these documents by yourself. Experience streamlined printing processes with enterprise-level MPS. This way, you can cut down on expenses, save time, and maximize results. 

Benefits of MPS For Educators 

Better Learning Experiences For Students: 

Streamlined printing at school contributes to better learning experiences for your students. With zero delays in providing students with learning material, classes will run like clockwork.

Upgraded Office Efficiency:  

The same goes for the faculty members. When you eliminate the stress of printing all those documents by yourself, you give yourself more headspace to focus on the more essential parts of teaching. 

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Enterprise-Level MPS For Healthcare Professionals

Hospitals, labs, and clinics have a high demand for printed documents such as prescriptions, charts, test results, patient identification forms, test claim slips, receipts, release papers, labels, and more. 

With a plethora of paper in such a vital industry, you’re going to need some external support to keep it flowing like a well-oiled machine. MPS can improve and speed up the accuracy of healthcare services, which could literally save lives.

Benefits Of MPS For Healthcare Workers 

Fast and Accurate: 

It goes without saying that time is a crucial factor in the healthcare industry. MPS helps render positive experiences for patients and streamlines the printing and retrieval of documents. 


One of the key benefits of enterprise-level MPS is the fact that it aids in reducing costs. Rather than maintaining your own fleet of devices at the hospital, you can employ the help of MPS. This way, you won’t ever have to worry about device maintenance and repairs.  

Managed Print Services at Integr8

Whichever industry you work in, managed print services will add value to your day-to-day duties and responsibilities. 

At Integr8, you can make the most of our best business practices in MPS across North America. We have a vision and mission for exceeding your expectations with the most reliable and advanced MPS technologies. Want to implement enterprise-level MPS into your business? Give us a call today to make the switch! 


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