5 Managed Print Service Benefits for SMBs

Managed print services or MPS are outsourced services that integrate a wide variety of tools and technologies to expertly and efficiently handle a company’s overall printing needs and digital document management within a specific budget. MPS can dramatically improve the workflow in any business often with only a few key changes.

Managed print service benefits small businesses or medium-sized enterprises in many ways. If you work for an SMB, you may be curious as to how MPS can make a difference for your company. We’re here to break it down for you.

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Managed Print Service Benefits For Small Businesses 

1. Boosts Productivity  

There continues to be a steady demand for printing even in the current Internet Age. According to the EPA, an average employee prints around 10,000 sheets of paper yearly, proving that paper will never fold entirely in the near future.

MPS is an effective tool with a far-reaching range that will go the extra mile for your business when it comes to addressing and optimizing your daily printing requirements. One of the biggest managed print service benefits for small businesses is a major boost in productivity. It maximizes your output while reducing operation hours or efforts with a more streamlined workflow in place. 

MPS will take care of paper jams, running out of ink cartridges or toners, and printer malfunctions for you. Established MPS providers have their team of experts that will make sure everything in your company print and document-wise is working like a well-oiled machine, saving you from worrying and letting you focus on growing your business.

2. Minimizes Spending and Maximizes Profits  

Among the many undeniable managed print service benefits for small businesses, most clients are most interested in cost-effectiveness. Outsourced printing services exist primarily to weed out all the obstacles blocking an optimal workflow and pave the way for a more convenient and sustainable document management path for your business. 

Most businesses run without actually being aware of how much they are spending on printing services. This oversight gradually leads to a build-up in costs that could take a toll on your small business’s financial health when left unaddressed for a significant time.

When you hire an MPS provider, they keep track of printing supplies and monitor hardware efficiency for you. They will let you know and take care of the matter if you ever run low on consumable supplies or are in need of printer maintenance service. Take advantage of accurate expenditure tracking with stringent monitoring and reporting from your MPS provider.

More importantly, by tracking your print usage and analyzing the associated costs, your managed print services can help you devise strategies to reduce expenses sustainably without compromising the quality or demand for print. When you save on non-essential expenses, the odds are that you will see an increase in profit, which is ultimately one of the main goals of any enterprise.

Office team meeting with printed materials 3. Aids in Seamless Digital Transition

As one of the newest and most indispensable components of digital transformation, MPS addresses hard copies and provides support in transitioning to a partially digital platform that connects your printing needs to data storage and sharing. 

One method to connect these two aspects is implementing a digital repository for all your business data through Cloud Printing Management or Cloud Printing service. Empowering you and your team to upload documents to a digital storage space automatically, giving everyone easy access to all the data they need to complete their tasks. 

Instead of connecting workplace printers to cables, which frequently run with driver or software compatibility issues, employees can print without any trouble using their laptops and other smart devices as long as they’re connected to your office network. Consequently, this also contributes to an evident rise in office productivity.

4. Increased Information Security 

Data privacy and security should be a priority for businesses, big or small, because you deal with confidential information involving your clients, projects, deals, processes, or employees. This is one of the many must-have managed print service benefits for small businesses. MPS providers can identify and help your company mitigate potential printing and IP security risks.

There is a ton of sensitive data that comes out of your work printers, and all it takes is one little gap in your security system for all that valuable information to get accessed by unauthorized users. Document theft, cryptojacking, email attacks, ransomware, and printer tampering are only a few of the digital attacks that could negatively impact your business. With a reliable MPs provider, you can rest assured that your information is safeguarded from data breaches. 

5. Helps Create a Positive Environmental Impact  

Aside from being dedicated to growing an audience, creating brand awareness, and generating profit, many SMBs are committed to reducing the size of their carbon footprints. 

If going green is part of your corporate values, then you can count on MPS to pitch in with your mission. 

By helping you source sustainable paper, optimize your ink and paper usage, develop strategies for paperless processes, and direct you to the latest printing technologies designed with energy-saving and eco-friendly benefits in mind, MPS helps you stay true to your green initiatives. 

A computer keyboard with GO GREEN instead of Enter key

Integrate MPS for Your Business Today 

Whether you run a conglomerate business or a promising start-up, we can take care of you! 

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