Why MPS for Small Business Makes Sense

Managed Print Services (MPS) are a set of services from an outside provider that integrates all the aspects of your business’ print-related functions, such as copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines. Big businesses aren’t the only ones that need MPS to be efficient. Applying MPS for small businesses or medium-sized businesses can result in a handful of cost-saving benefits, resources, and more. 

Read along to find out why MPS for small enterprises is the way to go. 

Small business owners calculate cost savings after implementing managed print services

MPS for Small Business: The Benefits

While digital copies have revolutionized a lot of business aspects, paper will always be a constant and important factor. Managed Print Services makes working with paper easier, especially for businesses who rely on multiple printers to run.

According to research, organizations spend 1%–3% of their annual revenue on printing costs. MPS offers improved control, managed print strategies, and document security, and can ultimately save companies up to 50% on printing costs. It is a service that applies a variety of technologies that lets businesses achieve their printing goals while honouring a budget.

To find out if applying MPS for your small business is ideal, let’s look at the main benefits it offers. 

1. MPS Reduces Print and IT Costs

If you run an office that uses printers all day, monthly printing costs can be unpredictable. One of the main benefits of applying MPS for small business set-ups is the consistency of an all-inclusive monthly rate. It eliminates the stress of having to deal with surprise expenses for ink refills or maintenance.

Instead of creating an expense sheet or planning for printing costs yourself, an MPS provider mitigates these issues with their remote device monitoring. This allows the provider to present a predictable monthly rate. A reliable MPS provider will perform routine maintenance checks to ensure that all printers are working properly.

Additionally, MPS for small business owners makes planning for the future easier and more streamlined, so you can focus on other tasks and priorities. 

2. MPS Saves Time and Promotes Efficiency 

Imagine an office scenario where everyone is cramming to reach a deadline, only to find all the printers are jammed. Valuable time and productivity are commonly lost on broken office machines, especially when maintenance services cannot fix it within the day.

Applying MPS for small business systems like this prevents these risks from happening. It protects the workflow and prevents unnecessary downtime and staff intervention. 

3. MPS Protects Your Resources

Applying MPS for small business set-ups doesn’t only save time and money, but it also saves your company from performing wasteful printed-related practices.

As an example, some employees would use colour ink to print documents that could be printed in black and white or would print multiple copies using the printer instead of using the copy machine. MPS for small business set-ups provide the necessary equipment to consolidate your print fleet, as well as optimized workflows with printing protocols. An MPS service provider will also get rid of outdated machines that are always breaking, allowing you to save cost and time. 

Memory cards on top of a printer

4. MPS Improves Your Data Security 

MPS for small business networks offer an advanced level of security, both for devices and data. A good print management service ensures that your business is up-to-date on laws and requirements, so you don’t have to worry about compliance in relation to data security. 

Information theft happens more often than one might think, and solid security will protect your files from ending up in the wrong hands. MPS service providers provide device authentication and document encryption that will safeguard your network and confidential data. 

5. Improves Your Company’s Overall Workflow 

It is normal for an employee to say that they have trouble finding existing documents, especially if these documents have been printed a long time ago. Imagine all the stacks of paper that an employee needs to go through just to find a specific document that has not been marked or dated.

An MPS provider can organize this kind of document clutter. How? A huge advantage of MPS for small business structures is its ability to collect and store data in a cloud where all of the employees have access. MPS providers also offer Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, with the sole aim to digitize documents using a trusted security provider. 

6. MPS Provide Immediate Supply Replenishing

When you use an MPS for small business set-up, your provider will automatically know when you are running low on paper or ink supply, and when your printers need service. This kind of visibility is beneficial, especially if printing costs aren’t taken into account beforehand. Businesses are usually unaware of printing expenditures because there has simply been no chance or means to monitor them. This leads to a gradual build-up of costs over a long period of time. 

What is Included in MPS for Small Business Owners?

What services are included when a small business owner applies Managed Print Services for the company? Here are some examples of what an MPS provider can bring to the table:

  • Budgeting advice on print costs 
  • Standard print services
  • Automatic refills 
  • Technology to track usage
  • Maintenance duties
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Digitization

With all of these services and benefits, it is advisable for small business owners to apply MPS to their workflow.

More Questions About MPS for Small Business Set-Ups? 

We can help. Integr8 offers streamlining business processes to improve sustainability, document security, and printing processes. We can help you lower printing costs and boost productivity without compromising information security.

Call us today to learn more about our MPS solutions and how our services can be beneficial for your company.

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