What are the benefits of Document Management Solutions?

The benefits that come with implementing document management solutions into your business’s practices are considerable. This type of software can be used to track, manage and store important documents that are necessary for day-to-day operations. Here is a list of benefits of document management solutions every business owner should be aware of:

Save on Space

As commercial property costs are rising, so is the subsequent expense to store tangible paper documents. The first of our document management solutions is the reduced need for storage space. By implementing a document management system, your paper documents are all transferred online. Save that precious office space you require to get work done and reduce your need for filing cabinets, boxes and other storage bins. Paper filing storage space

Be More Eco-Friendly

It is no surprise that more and more businesses are trying to cut down on their carbon footprint with today’s global climate crisis. The eco-friendliness of document management solutions is one of the biggest considerations for many customers who decide to make the switch to digital filing systems. Transforming your workspace by embracing paperless practices is an incredibly effective way to demonstrate your organization’s corporate social responsibility. INTEGR8’s services allow our clients to turn all of their paper files into digital ones quickly and without difficulty.

Document Control

Another benefit of document management solutions is the enhanced security and document control that they provide. You can now have complete control over which users have access to certain documents, including what level of access they might have and the ability to track any changes that may have been made to that document. Easily find out who has viewed which documents and when they were accessed by creating automated alerts to let you know.

Control documents with INTEGR8 from the folder level and manage specific groups and individuals among your organization.

Convenient & Efficient Document Retrieval

Did you know that on average, it costs organizations roughly $20 to file a document, $120 to locate a misfiled document and $220 to redo a lost one? One of the greatest benefits of document management solutions is the ability to conveniently locate and retrieve any necessary documents. Most systems allow for files to be readily searchable by a word or phrase found in a document.

Eliminate any unnecessary administrative tasks or inefficiencies with a time-saving document management tool like INTEGR8.

Improved Collaboration

Implementing a document management system allows for documents to be accessed remotely so long as an internet connection is available. Since all files are searchable and accessible by any authorized users, you can instantly turn your local business into a global one with the improved collaboration capabilities of a document management system.It also makes completing tasks and operations in the office easier and more efficient. There are typically three types of interactions among a business’s everyday operations: between the company and any relevant third parties, from department to department of the company and amongst employees within individual departments. Having well thought out organizational practices that include the efficient movement of documents can significantly increase processes and ensure their quality remains high.

Upgraded Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting your documents from accidental deletion or in the unlikely event of a natural disaster, such as a fire or flood, has never been easier with new document management solutions. It now allows you to digitally archive backups of any important paper files, or keep all your files online.

With a digital document management system like INTEGR8, the chances of a document being misfiled are lower and if they are, you will be able to locate them without the hassle of having to dig through various different storage cabinets. Additionally, digital document management software includes a feature called version control. If you ever want to restore a particular file back to a previous version, you can do so with the click of a button.Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business’s most important files are kept safe with a document management solution.

Office Supply Management

Another document management solution INTEGR8 offers is the ability to better manage and keep track of supplies and resources used within the office. Monitor things like how much paper and ink is being used in order to cut down on your printing costs. You can also track which users are using the most paper and reduce the amount they are allowed to use. Additionally, monitor which printers are being used the most, which ones that aren’t being used that much, and which ones you can get rid of.

Other costs you can reduce are in paper-based systems when you implement a document management system. Cut down on your business’s consumption of materials like paper, ink, file folders and cabinets as well as other similar requirements that are costing you more money than you should be spending.

Regulatory Compliance

A great benefit of document management solutions is the ability to comply with business regulations established by the federal and provincial governments. Avoid any serious trouble caused by carelessness that has the potential to shut down your business. A good document management software will help you by providing checklists, standard forms and automatic organization systems that you can use to keep track of specific documents. Non-compliance can result in fines, revoked fines and even, in some instances, criminal liability.

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