Why is HP Capture and Route so Important in 2020

Businesses and organizations of all sorts need to deal with an overwhelming amount of paper documents and digital documents on a daily basis. This is why proper document management is an absolute necessity for businesses to operate efficiently in all its processes and thereby keep up with rising customer expectations.

HP Capture and Route is a solution that optimizes your Digital Document Management by helping you to manage, update, and route information with ease and accuracy.

Are you thinking about implementing the HP Capture and Route for your business? This comprehensive article will show you how your business or organization will benefit from this solution. We’ll also cover the major features of HP Capture and Route along the way. Let’s get started!

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What is HP Capture and Route?

HP Capture and Route is a document workflow solution with these core functions: 1) digitizing/capturing your paper documents 2) processing this information, 3) routing the information to wherever it needs to be, and 4) protecting stored information. As we discuss these core functions below, you’ll see just how flexible HP Capture and Route is. It can adapt to whatever process you have in place and even present opportunities for optimizing your document workflows.

Digitizing/Capturing Paper Documents

HP Capture and Route allows you to capture documents easily by scanning with a multi-function printer, a networked scanning device, or even a mobile device. Scan reservations can also be done from the mobile interface or through the desktop application.

Process the Information

Once the document is captured, it is then converted to the desired format (e.G. PDF, Doc, XLS, RTF, TIFF, etc.) It can also undergo compression, barcode reading, and/or data extraction. Image enhancement options such as despeckle, deskew, etc. are also available.

Route the Information

Now the information can be sent to where it needs to be. It can be sent to an email, to a network folder, to fax, to print, to content management systems, cloud-based storage and etc. The easily accessible distribution lists allow employees to send information to multiple destinations with speed and accuracy.

Protect the Information

All faxes and scanned documents are routed through the server of HP Capture and Route. This server has a built-in audit trail logging which provides documentary evidence of activities done on the information. This function helps with compliance and is therefore useful for security-conscious businesses.

What Kind of Businesses Benefit from Using HP Capture and Route?

Businesses and organizations that deal with paper documents along with digital documents on a regular basis rely on proper document management to function well. Some industries like legal services, healthcare, education, accounting, finance, and the like are heavily incapacitated when documents are not managed well. Businesses like these will benefit tremendously by implementing HP Capture and Route. This solution leads to increased productivity, reduced costs, and increased compliance. And because of the flexibility of use and ease of upgrade that HP Capture and Route has, businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from it.

So now, let’s have a closer look at what these benefits look like.

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What are the Benefits of Using HP Capture and Route?

Still not sure if HP Capture and Route is for you? Check out the benefits you will get by implementing this solution.

Boost Productivity on the Go

Today’s world revolves around mobile technology. With HP Capture and Route, your document management can leverage mobile technology as well, thereby empowering your employees to be productive on the go. Thanks to the HP Capture and Route Mobile Client, employees will be able to scan or create scan reservations straight from their mobile devices. They will also have the freedom to access distribution lists and submit digital files from the same, easy-to-use interface.

Capture Documents Quickly and Accurately

The workflows you can set up with HP Capture and Route allow your team to control and track scanned content. And with just a touch of a button, they can distribute documents to fax lines, emails, cloud storage, content management systems and etc,

Free Up Valuable Office Space

One of the advantages of capturing paper documents and managing these documents digitally is not needing the boxes, bins, and filing cabinets to store all the paper documents. There’s so much you can do with this extra space – like perhaps set up recreation facilities for the employees or set up more work stations for growing teams.

An added bonus is not needing to worry about the dust that can accumulate on wherever you store large volumes of paper documents. This positively impacts the health of your employees.

Reduce Costs

In a competitive business landscape, reducing unnecessary costs is always a good thing. With HP Capture and Route, you no longer need to rely on expensive analog fax lines because HP Capture and Route provides a full fax over IP solution, a technology that enables the internetworking of your fax machines.

You will also see reduced costs in printing supplies and shipping because this solution allows you to explore various ways that you can efficiently distribute and store documents digitally. You might just be able to cut out unnecessary printing along the way.

You will also be able to save money on facility fees for paper document storage. Moreover, think of the savings you get in terms of man-hours spent when unnecessary admin work is required in cases of lost or misplaced documents.

Increase Document and Data Security

Worried that your digitally stored documents will fall into the wrong hands? Worry no more because HP Capture and Route easily integrates with HP Access Control, an authentication solution that allows you to monitor scanned documents and control who has access to them based on job roles. The data is encrypted as it rests on the server and while it is in transit.

Furthermore, HP Capture and Route’s Data Loss Prevention enables you to search for sensitive content such as Sensitive Personal Information or Personal Identifiable Information. When a mistake is made with such documents, these can be stopped from reaching their destination.

Make Use of HP Printers and Other Equipment You Might Already Have

The HP Capture and Route is designed to work with most fax machines and any networked scan device. It is also compatible with a wide array of HP printers, HP Scanjets, and HP Digital Senders. For questions about device compatibility, you can get in touch with Integr8’s experts who will be able to advise you whether you are looking to buy new equipment or just checking the ones that you already have.

Scale and Upgrade with Ease

This flexible solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes. If you are a growing business, you can start implementing HP Capture and Route in select departments and then expand across the business depending on your needs.

Need Help Setting Up HP Capture and Route for Your Business?

If you want professional advice in exploring this solution along with other possible Digital Document Management Solutions, we are more than happy to help. If you’re already decided, we can also set this up for your business in a way that best fits your workflows.

Integr8 is the leading provider of Managed Print Services in Canada and the United States. Together, we can assess and define your business needs and come up with the best solution so your business can be at its most efficient. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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