The Importance of Managed IT Services

In simple terms, managed IT services allows a third-party service provider to hold responsibility for any IT-related aspect of your company, often relating to IT support. In this current technology-driven age, most businesses depend on the quality of their IT infrastructure. Applying managed IT services is a valuable move for your business as it protects your systems and ensures the efficacy of your services.

Let’s look at more reasons why these services are of utmost importance.

The Advantages of Applying Managed IT Services

Perhaps the main advantage of seeking managed IT services is that you don’t have to think about data loss or major computer issues. If in any case these issues surface, managed IT service experts take care in creating solutions to ensure that these problems don’t affect your operations.

Here are more reasons why you should apply managed IT services to your company:

1. Save Monthly Costs on IT Maintenance

The cost of updating software and hardware can be expensive for any type of business looking to expand their services. Your in-house IT team could be swamped with supporting individual staff needs as your company expands. Additionally, hiring and training new IT staff to fill the void is a costly addition to your expenses, and the efficiency can be unpredictable.

According to a report, managed IT services decrease the overall IT costs by as much as 30% to 50%. By outsourcing managed IT services, your company can predict monthly costs and set expectations from an operational perspective.

By outsourcing these services, you immediately add expert opinions and solutions to your issues so you can plan your business and budget timeline accordingly at a fraction of the cost. Managed IT service providers give additional server and computer support such as:

  • Monitoring of critical network components (firewalls and servers)
  • Network security
  • Custom software solutions
  • Technology evaluation and related planning

2. Maximize Your Company’s Uptime

Companies need to be fully prepared for technological emergencies such as security breaches, data loss, or power failures that can affect efficiency, productivity and credibility to clients. Business continuity is necessary, as well as a business disaster recovery plan (BDR) in case of unforeseen downtime.

Aside from making sure that your business continues online operations, a BDR is included as a portion of your subscription to managed IT services. It allows you to send out that security to your clients by ensuring them that their data is secure in case of these situations.

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3. Ensure Efficient Monitoring At All Times

Applying managed IT services to your company gives you coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The year-round support means that your services can be accessed at any time. Your provider is always monitoring your IT infrastructure to ensure that they stay on top of potential disruptions and security vulnerabilities before they turn into more critical problems.

A managed IT service provider can easily spot bugs or glitches, and can remedy these issues to prevent fatal damages such as data loss or hacking.

4. Access to the Latest Software and Hardware Innovations

Outsourcing IT services also means that you will have an extra team of technology experts to give you access to the best technological solutions for your business to maintain profitability and uptime.

Managed IT service providers are always willing to give advice when you are looking into purchasing software or hardware to revamp your services.

It also gives your company a chance to utilize efficiency tools such as:

  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Cloud printing technology
  • Cloud computing for up-to-date business technology
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Best technology practices to keep your business relevant
  • Hardware upgrades at the best possible cost

5. Increased Profitability for Your Business

According to findings by IBM, applying managed IT services to their company gained significant and quantifiable benefits due to prevention of any downtime that affected services. Staff productivity can also increase as having experts look into IT issues reduces the frequency and duration of unplanned downtime. It allowed them to deliver better IT services to their clients as annual downtime was reduced to 16 hours per user.

What Else Can I Expect from a Managed IT Service Provider?

A provider will offer a range of outsourced IT services that will benefit your company. What you can expect depends on the level of service you are willing to subscribe to.

Here are some common services that MSPs provide at different levels:

Networking and Infrastructure

Security Management

  • Anti-malware software solutions
  • Maintenance and patching
  • Application compatibility

Communications Services

  • Data
  • Voice
  • Video

Data Analytics

  • Multiple layers of examination
  • Observation of patterns
  • Harnessing and translation of key information to make it accessible to your team

These complex services are the bread and butter of managed IT service providers. Once your company or organization has fully adapted these systems, you will notice a spike in your productivity. This is why outsourcing managed IT services is more important than ever.

Looking for a Trusted Managed IT Services Provider?

Integr8 offers top-notch streamlining business processes to improve environmental sustainability and integrated managed IT services. Our services include providing a central printing database and providing performance enhancing document solutions while keeping your documents and data secure at all times.

Call us today for a consultation on how to apply managed IT services to your fast-growing company.

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