Why You Should Be Performing An Annual Printer Audit

Nowadays, having a printer in your organization is an absolute necessity. We enjoy the convenience these machines bring—but we also tend to realize how we take them for granted when a malfunction happens. 

There are several factors that impact the lifespan, value, and usability of a printer. Here at Integr8, we’re breaking down the five benefits of performing an annual printer audit.

The 5 Benefits Of Performing an Annual Printer Audit

There are several key benefits when you perform a yearly printer audit:

1. Saves You Time & Money 

Printing costs in an organization can make up around 1 to 3% of yearly revenue. A yearly audit helps to determine whether you are spending too much on your in-house printing services. It shows where in the organization you could be saving money and time by showing the printing habits of each department and how much each machine is used. 

The audit can help you identify wasteful printing habits and which machines are used the most. By revealing the printing habits of the employees, you can see who is using printers optimally and who isn’t, so you can nip it in the bud. 

If a printer audit reveals that the use is very high, opting for managed print services would be an efficient solution to saving time and money. 

 An employee performing a printer audit

2. Helps You Keep Printers Up-To-Date

During the yearly audit, you can see which printers and printing services are outdated. Obsolete printers tend to spend more electricity and ink compared to newer printers, and the audit can reveal whether you should invest in something new to reduce costs.

With this knowledge, you can consider investing in environmentally friendly printers to ensure you are not spending too much energy or money on printing purposes.

3. Reviews Company Printer and Document Security

Most printers today have a network connection, which can pose a security risk. Print jobs can go to the wrong printer, and the high-security documents can end up in the wrong department entirely. 

On top of that, your organization can be exposed to a security breach using printers. Performing an annual audit can help you establish whether your private documents could potentially be leaked—and prevent that from happening. 

After an audit, you can see what is vulnerable in the company and improve document security. 

Integr8 offers the most comprehensive print security audit services in Canada and the U.S. With our proprietary system, you’ll be able to perform a complete analysis of your printing processes and identify key areas for improvement and cost reductions. By improving your print security, you can effectively protect your business from potential cyber-attacks.

4. Helps You Be More Environment-Friendly

By doing a printer audit, you can ensure that your company has less impact on the environment. When you determine which department(s) are the most wasteful in paper and ink, you can make the necessary adjustments. 

Ink in printers can pollute soil and water, meaning we all should make sure to use as little as possible. On top of that, you will save more on electricity bills, which is beneficial for the environment and your budget in the long run.

5. Helps You Create a Printing Strategy

Large companies need a variety of strategies to succeed; everyone knows that—but they also need a printing strategy. A printing strategy helps companies become more efficient and eliminate unnecessary waste, as it’s based on a detailed review of your print-related costs.

With a smarter printing strategy, organizations can see significant savings, which is truly what every company should consider while conducting their printer audit.

two employees review their printer audit results

Print Security Audit Services from Integr8

A yearly printer audit is crucial for cutting costs and preventing lost revenue, but it’s also important for document security. Skipping an annual audit can cost you much more in the long run, so completing one once a year is the best solution. 

The key point is to perform a printer audit that is as thorough as possible. The audit has to be carried out carefully, without skipping any steps, to determine how much your company spends on printing. 

Integr8 offers a top-notch printer security audit service and delivers quickly to meet our clients’ needs. Our team of dedicated printer experts is there to help you conduct an audit, along with a wide range of other printer-related services.

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