Printing At Work: Good Habits to Establish

Your printing habits in the office can greatly affect your overall operational expenses.

From printing errors to finding good-quality paper, there are many elements that may cost you a lot without you even noticing it.

Therefore, adopting good workplace habits when it comes to printing can help your business grow and become more cost-efficient.

Read on to find out about the best practices when it comes to printing at work!

1. Why You Should Go Green with Eco-Friendly Printing

You can follow many practices to reduce costs and improve the overall operational capacity of your printers. Ultimately, the goal here is to reduce waste and streamline processes wherever you can. Some good workplace habits to implement are encouraging digitized methods and adopting a “greener” approach when using the printer at work.

One way to seamlessly introduce these habits to your employees is by using “eco-friendly” printers. Businesses are always trying to innovate with efficient printing methods that consume fewer resources, produce less waste, and are good for the environment. It’s also a great way to advertise to the world that your company is environmentally responsible and that you’re interested in implementing sustainable processes.

2. Start Procuring Efficient Equipment

Gone are the days when documents were handed out exclusively in physical paper form. After all, no one wants to keep organizing paperwork by hand and filing them into specific cabinets—not to mention having to constantly find good-quality paper to print on. It tends to be inefficient, outdated, and costly.

A pile of paperwork

You can take the next step to good workplace habits and a more sustainable office by doing thorough research on printer vendors.

Look for ones that have an ethical and environmentally sound business model. Some companies have vigorous policies and investments in sustainability research and development. These companies will likely have printers that are more environmentally friendly.

Also, consider looking for vendors that aim to lower the client’s expenses by streamlining business processes. This means that with every click of a button on your printer, it is logged into a document management system or a central database, freeing up human resources and cutting costs by a large margin. It also improves document security and boosts productivity since less time is spent on understanding overall usage.

3. Save Time And Money with Managed Print Services

Managed print services are usually offered by external vendors. Essentially, they manage or optimize a company’s document system. These services usually include managing printing devices, including scanners and faxes. But why do you need them?

People spend countless hours searching for files and communicating with vendors just to complete simple tasks. Managed print services free up the employees’ time, and consequently, the employees are able to increase their output during their working hours.

Moreover, printers consume ink, toner, and paper every day. But some devices have better efficiency levels than others. For bigger companies with hundreds of employees and devices, printing costs and the lack of good workplace habits can hurt you financially without you noticing it. Not to mention the repair costs that come with maintaining faulty printers.

This problem can easily be solved by using managed print services by identifying the optimal print output for your business. Whether it’s reducing printing supplies by increasing new machinery, or by conducting regular print audits, managed print services can do that for you.

Managed print services have long been proven to reduce the overall expenses for many companies, and that includes reducing the use of paper materials. Offices are turning to digitized processes as technological advancement rises. This leads to lower expenses and lowered carbon footprints for companies.

A managed print service provider handling documents

Why Choose Intergr8 As Your Managed Print Services Provider?

Integr8 offers innovative and premium managed print services in Toronto that promote good workplace habits. We do that by streamlining business processes, reducing costs by freeing up human resources, and helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

We are constantly evolving; we stay updated on technological advancements so we can offer our clients the best possible solutions. Integr8 is also a full-service managed print services vendor—meaning you only need one line of communication for all your printing needs.

Elevate printing at work with our technical expertise, decades of printing knowledge, and top-notch customer service. If you’re interested to learn more, contact us today!

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