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As a booming metropolitan city, there’s no end to the business opportunities available in the city. And where there is business, there are printers. 

Integr8 provides comprehensive managed print services that can be optimized to your business’s individual needs. Whether it’s a way of improving the digital manner you use to handle your company’s documents, or whether it has to do with optimizing the process your employees go through when it comes to using the machines in the first place, the managed print services we offer in Ottawa are sure to be able to improve the entire area from top to bottom.

How Managed Print Services Works

The majority of offices don’t handle their printing processes in the most optimal way. Usually, there are a number of different aspects that can be improved, from the way users work with the printers themselves to the technological work happening in the background. Managed print services like those that are provided to the businesses of Ottawa by Integr8 work by tackling as many problem areas as possible in order to create an improved, streamlined printing process.

By partnering up with Integr8, not only will you be improving productivity and saving costs of both labour and time, you’ll be improving your carbon footprint as well. This happens because so many of the most recent innovations in printing technology have reduced the amount businesses rely on hardware & actual paper & printing. By cutting down your reliance on those pieces of equipment, you won’t be contributing to as many emissions, since less will need to be produced and transported to your place of business.

Why You Need MPS in Ottawa

While you can continue with your standard printing processes without running into any serious difficulties in the vast majority of cases, by coming on board with managed print services you’ll be opening yourself up to a huge range of possible saving avenues. This includes time, money, the labour of your employees, not to mention the sheer peace of mind that will be afforded to you by knowing that everything is running as smoothly as it possibly can.

Some of the incredible benefits of introducing MPS to your business in Ottawa include:

  • Improve your information security
  • Save time and improve efficiency
  • Reduce costs and save money 
  • Improve productivity in your organization
  • Reduce your environmental footprint

Types of Managed Print Services

The managed print services we offer to businesses in Ottawa cover a range of different areas. Read on below to discover some of the specifics of how we can help you to revitalize your printing processes.

Digital Document Management

Digital document management is one of the most exciting recent advances in printing technology and involves structurally rethinking the way you handle your documents digitally in order to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

Print Vendor Consolidation

We’re able to help you consolidate your relationships with different printer vendors, so you can spend less time figuring out administrative headaches and more time managing the rest of your office.

Printer Security Auditing

By conducting in-depth audits of your printers’ security systems, we can help ensure there are no weak links in the security of your data and information.

Follow Me Printing

Follow Me printing gives each user more control over the way print jobs are carried out, helping you to save time and money in the long run.

Pull Printing

With a dedicated, central server that will handle each printer’s job and dole it out to a suitable, free machine, you’ll be able to chop down on time spent in long queues for the printer.

Cloud Printing Management 

Cloud printing management offers a wide range of improvements over traditional printing, including the potential for your employees to connect their own personal devices to the printer devices themselves.

Ottawa’s Leading Managed Print Services

As Ottawa’s leading provider of managed print services, we take real pride in the work we do. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy in this industry ensuring we know our trade from back to front, purely to be able to provide Ottawa’s businesses with the managed print services they are able to take advantage of. We’re so confident of the high-quality service we can provide in this respect that we’re prepared to offer you a completely free, no-commitment consultation today so that you can talk over your options with us and work out a plan moving forward that is tailored to your precise situation.

If there’s any aspect of what you read above that you’re still not completely clear about, feel free to get in touch with Integr8. You’ll be connected to a member of our friendly and professional team, who will be only too happy to make sure there’s no aspect of our services that you don’t understand thoroughly. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully doing business together.

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