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Managed Print Services can help just about any business that has a fleet of printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines to streamline their printing process. By doing so, this saves time, money, IT manpower, & overall company effort.

FollowMe Printing (also known as pull printing) is just one of the many options under Integr8’s Managed Print Services that can provide you with the solution you’re looking for.

What is FollowMe Printing?

FollowMe printing is the ideal option for large and busy organizations that print high volumes of lengthy, colour-rich documents. Generally, FollowMe Printing is great for organizations with more than 20 employees and consumption of more than 50 boxes of paper in a year. 

When you use FollowMe printing, each print job is sent to a server that is accessible from all printers across the organization. Users can decide which printing device the document should be ultimately printed from based on which location is more convenient. 

This process significantly cuts down on IT headaches & wasted paper from sending your job to the wrong printer. This saves time for all staff members & IT professionals, reduces your company’s carbon footprint & ultimately frees up space for other tasks while simultaneously reducing network traffic.

Why Do You Need FollowMe or Pull Printing?

FollowMe Printing allows businesses to quickly & efficiently process high volumes of print jobs—minus the strain on individual devices’ RAM and in less time too as the print server will decide on the best machine to print from. This carries a lot of benefits in terms of reducing waste, improving the end-user experience, and boosting the overall productivity (and morale) of your employees. 

Let’s face it. Nothing can ruin someone’s groove quite like printing delays. These delays are often caused by:

  • Technical difficulties from outdated hardware or software.
  • Needing to reprint a print job because of splattered or fuzzy ink.
  • The ink running out unexpectedly with nothing stocked to replace it.

The time spent on working around problems like this is best used for more meaningful tasks. Nobody has time for petty printing problems in a landscape of continuous business growth. Pull Printing promises your business the ease it needs to function like a well-oiled machine.

You can check out our blog highlighting the Top 5 Reasons to use FollowMe printing for your Business here.

But what exactly does this look like?

Printing Made Easy

Improved Productivity & User-Experience

Pull Printing or FollowMe Printing ensures that individual devices’ RAM is relieved and print jobs are delegated efficiently by the print server. Both of these contribute significantly to the productivity of employees. 

Work station computers will not lag—especially in the face of lengthy, high-volume print jobs. At the same time, your employees won’t waste time figuring out the best printer device to print from or struggling with troubleshooting problems that arise from faulty hardware and outdated software. 

Increased Printing Security

With Pull Printing or FollowMe Printing, users can be asked to provide authentication before accessing a print job from the office server. This added layer of security means that even the most sensitive documents can be printed from shared printers without the risk of being lost, stolen, or compromised.

Overall System Optimization

Setting up Integr8’s Pull Printing or FollowMe Printing systems for your organization starts with a thorough needs assessment. Our experts will be able to identify all points of inefficiency that one of these solutions can improve. These inefficiencies can take the form of malfunctioning old printers, wasteful local printers (that are usually just kept for secure printing), and so on.

Sustainable Maintenance & Printer Supply Purchasing

Some businesses still put up with costly, one-off repairs and maintenance that results from unsolvable printer meltdowns beyond the capabilities of their helpdesk technical support. And once the printer is working again, how long would it be till the next incident of malfunction? 

The added benefit of Pull Printing or FollowMe Printing MPS solutions is that maintenance can be done at scale. There’s no need to call multiple vendors for repair help or even printer supplies, as they are monitored externally and scheduled to be delivered before the need for them arises.

Premier Printing Solutions in Canada & the U.S

Integr8 is your partner in setting up the best possible custom-designed FollowMe Printing solution for your business. 

As a leading provider of Managed Print Services in Canada and the United States, we offer you a wealth of experience and expertise that helps shape a solution centred on your own unique business needs. 

We’ve invested time to get to know the ins and outs of various industries and businesses in all verticals in order to provide the solution you need. 

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