INTEGR8 is a company built on a commitment to excellence and a passion for providing the best customer experience in Canada and the United States. Managed print services in North America are constantly evolving, and we make it out top priority to stay on the frontier of what is possible for our clients.


A Business Systems Company

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best business practices in managed print services in Canada and the United States. By using a balance deployment approach with open technologies and software, we streamline business processes and free up human resources while reducing cost, downtime and carbon footprint.

To do so, INTEGR8 brings together a team of people with the vision and expertise required to exceed our clients' expectations. Our team's strong sense of belonging is built upon our fundamental values of respect, integrity and family.

Integr8 managed print services


Our exclusive managed print services in Canada and the United States offer complete control over every aspect of your brand’s document and printing systems. No longer will you need to sift through piles of old papers to find a single invoice. Gone will be the days of complicated and outdated security process for managing information access to restricted documents. With INTEGR8’s expertise, all your important business information and documentation will work in sync to create a streamlined, cohesive experience. By trusting the best managed print services Canada and the United States has to offer, you’ll be investing in the future of your business. Access to sensitive documents can be managed remotely and easily with INTEGR8ed controls in an easy to use interface. Toner refills and repairs can be organised in a few simple clicks. When everything just INTEGR8s, every just works

Save Money

One of the most immediate benefits to managed print services in Canada and the United States is the cost savings from optimizing your printing processes. Many larger companies can have printing contracts with several different vendors, resulting in administration double ups, expensive toner replacements, and complicated repair procedures. INTEGR8 cuts through all the noise and consolidates your printing vendors from many down to one. When you just have one invoice to pay, things get a lot simpler. Additionally, by managing all your printing services through the one vendor, you can more easily apply for bulk discounts and schedule synchronised repairs and maintenance across all your printers. A single repair person can get done in one day what could take many different technicians weeks to accomplish. Enabling you to forget about managing your printers and focus on what matters is just another way INTEGR8 is dedicated to providing the best managed print services in Canada and the United States.


INTEGR8’s managed print services in Canada and the United States give businesses complete control of their company documents. This gives you the tools you need to strategize on your processes, optimizing workflows, and enhancing productivity in many different departments. When you no longer have to worry about finding physical documents, managing security, and wrangling different vendors, you are freed up to focus on adding value to your business. Developing a process optimization strategy is vital in decreasing administration overheads and maintaining a competitive edge in any industry. With INTEGR8’s fully customisable managed print services in Canada and the United States, your brand will be perfectly positioned to capitalise on new technology and improved efficiencies every day.

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