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Integr8 is the leading provider of Managed Print Services in Canada and the United States. We specialize in streamlining your business printing into one, easy-to-manage process. Our team of managed printing experts will assess your business and create a highly efficient solution for us to Integr8 and start to save you money. From decreased toner replacement costs to optimized document administration, we make saving you time and money our top priority.

Integr8 document control


To remain competitive in the modern market, businesses need to optimize their internal processes to increase efficiency as much as possible. One of the key benefits of managed print services is INTEGR8ed document control. This enables you to have complete control over who has access to your documents, what level of access they have, and track any changes made to the document quickly and easily. By eliminating unnecessary administration and inefficiencies, you can improve your workflow and capitalise on productivity enhancements. This saves you not only money, but time as well.

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Go Paper Lite Integr8


Eco-friendliness is one of the biggest considerations for many customers when they are looking at potential businesses to purchase from. While switching to green energy and recycling initiatives remain popular, embracing a truly paperless workplace is an incredibly powerful way to show your corporate social responsibility. INTEGR8’s managed print services allow you to turn all of your paper files into digital ones quickly and easily. All of those files are then readily searchable and accessible for any authorised personnel over the cloud, turning your local business into a global one in an instant.

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Vender consolidation


Many larger businesses tend to have multiple printers on different service contracts with different vendors. This creates administration and cost double ups, which means unnecessary spending and inefficiency. Our managed print services include a streamlined vendor process that cuts down your many different vendors to just one. By combining all of your printers under the one umbrella, we are able to leverage better prices and less administration for our clients. When you only have to deal with a single invoice, things just become easier.

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About us

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best business practices in managed print services. By using a balance deployment approach with open technologies and software, we streamline business processes and free up human resources while reducing cost, downtime and carbon footprint.

To do so, INTEGR8 brings together a team of people with the vision and expertise required to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our team’s strong sense of belonging is built upon our fundamental values of respect, integrity, and family. We are passionate about finding the best solution for our clients using best practice managed print services. Our platform works for a wide range of businesses in many different industries, from financial to food and beverage.

Whatever your business needs, INTEGR8 has the knowledge and the tools to take your business processes to the next level.

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We have partnered exclusively with industry leaders who have the technical expertise and product to help our clients achieve their goals. We are always striving to create partnerships with local businesses that help lift up the community and improve people’s lives. By combining our decades of experience with fresh ideas from our partners, we are constantly evolving our offerings to provide the best client experience on the market.


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Canada and United States managed print services have the potential to completely change the way you do business, allowing for deep INTEGR8ion with your document management platforms, easily monitored access and security, and simple vendor fulfilment. With such a monumental change to your business workflow, you’ll want to be completely comfortable with how it works.

If you have any questions at all, our Canada and United States managed print service experts are always available to help you make your decision. Contact Us Below.