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Managed Print Services for Manufacturing

While these can be a rather ambiguous combination of terms, managed print services provide very real benefits to your business. These will vary across the industry—for insurance providers, their focus may be on protecting valuable client data, but for manufacturers, the focus may be on keeping costs low and increasing efficiency. It’s important, then, to not leave your business printing out of your considerations when planning for your business as it can make a very real difference in your bottom line. This is especially true for manufacturers who often rely on document sharing, accuracy, and transparent data to keep their business running smoothly.

Today, we’ll be examining what managed print services are, and how these can benefit manufacturing businesses in their quest for efficiency, reduced costs, and successful business practices. We’ll also discuss how Integr8 can help you evaluate your managed print services alternatives, and implement these into your existing workflows. Our expertise will ensure you receive the most bang for your buck, as they say!

Continue reading below to learn more about your options and how you can make them work for your manufacturing business.

Managed Print Services for Manufacturing

What are Managed Print Services

If you’re not familiar with managed print services, it’s important to start at the beginning and understand what exactly they entail before we can review their targeted benefits by industry. To put it simply, managed print services consist of an intelligent, integrated system of programs. They manage existing devices such as printers, scanners, as well as application software to optimize document output and streamline digital and printed content. They begin by evaluating your current systems and determining how to reduce complexity to manage printing needs, supplies, reporting, and security.

There are multiple benefits to integrating a managed print service into your business. Firstly, they are time, energy, and cost-efficient. They reduce the man-hours needed to operate and maintain infrastructure, streamline printing processes, and also make reporting easier to share with leadership and shareholders.

Additionally, managed print services can enhance productivity through reducing the need for paper trails, help your organization become more eco-friendly through waste reduction, and monitor and maintain security by leveraging a centralized system and reducing the number of people utilizing the services to avoid excess noise and reduce the probability of errors.

Managed print services are able to offer these services and benefits through the following internal processes and workflows:

  • Adding up costs of your current processes
  • Completing a thorough assessment of current printing practices
  • Monitoring and managing output and supplies
  • Recognizing and solving problems
  • Suggesting plans of action to reduce waste, supplies, and costs
  • Constantly iterating and improving processes
  • Training staff on new procedures

With an understanding of what managed print services are, their benefits, and how they operate, let’s break down the specific advantages a managed print services can provide to manufacturing businesses below.

Benefits to Manufacturers

Unlike some other businesses, manufacturers have specific print needs that can be inherently more costly or intensive, especially as an industry when the sharing and recording of information is vitally important and can impact many different stakeholders. For example, manufacturers may need high-quality colour prints for quality assurance, or documentation for deliveries, bills, and other expenses to be accurately reported by their finance departments. That said, many of these printed documents can be considered waste, and can be streamlined with the use of managed print services.

Many of the documents used by manufacturers, such as bills of lading or manifests, can be digitized and shared online, reducing the need for costly printouts that waste resources and often end up in recycling bins, or lost. It’s also been found that many manufacturer’s printers are a wide format, rather than traditional printers, with less than 3% of their documents requiring this. This can lead to higher infrastructure and maintenance costs for specialized devices, as well as higher materials costs and waste. As well, documents can be shared digitally via email or fax with other stakeholders to ensure they are received quickly and can be adjusted on the go, further reducing excess paper usage. Digitizing files ensures that anyone who needs the documents has them in hand, with the implementation of proper mobile capabilities in tandem.

There are also processes for document control and user regulation and restriction that can streamline workflows further. Certain document control processes such as conversion can help disseminate and share files digitally. Limiting the number of users can also make workflows more efficient and reduce the number of people online with access to printing services.

Implementing a managed print service can offer other benefits such as managing your printing and data from anywhere, and streamlining processes for on-time delivery of any product or corresponding service by having the right information to the right people at the right time.

However, there are a multitude of possible managed print and document services that you can implement to support your business, such as FollowMe. How do you choose the service that is right for your business and will provide the greatest return on your investment? Integr8 Managed Print Services is the leading provider across Canada and the United States and will ensure you find the right fit.

Benefits to Manufacturers

How Integr8 Can Help

As the leading provider of managed print services in North America, Integr8 leverages their experience with top tier clients such as Canon and HP along with their passion for business solutions to find a system that will work best for your business. Their focus is to streamline processes while also reducing costs, downtime, and your carbon footprint. To do so, they use a balance deployment approach in tandem with open applications and software.

The three key offerings that Integr8 provides are:

  • Gaining control
  • Saving money
  • Developing an optimization strategy for your processes and workflows

And they achieve these through the following services:

  • Performance-enhancing document solutions
  • Print security audit services
  • Print vendor consolidation

If you’d like to learn more about the services Integr8 provides and how they can help you leverage efficiency and cost savings in your business, contact us today

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