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Assessment is one of the most important steps in maximizing potential outcomes from successful Canada Managed Print Services. Our team of charismatic Print Solution Specialists follow a proven onsite assessment process to deliver quantifiable enhancements and ongoing business results for organizations all across Canada and the United States.

Performance-Enhancing Document Solutions

Many companies struggle with effective document management, relying solely on paper copies, tribal knowledge, and outdated communication methods. This slow and inefficient workflow can cost your business not only time, but also money in working hours, paper costs, and replacement toner. In the highly competitive landscapes for many businesses in the United States and Canada, any inefficiency is a lost chance at gaining a competitive edge. Managed print services can revolutionize your document management solutions and bring your business into the future.

Let’s think about the best-case scenario. Where data slides through your organization – safely stored yet instantly accessible and actionable from any authorized screen. Where processes are automated wherever possible and the bulk of your document-related tasks are triggered as data flows from station to station. This is the power of INTEGR8 and what we can do for your business.

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Print Security Audit Service

Information security is a huge topic of interest for many businesses in the digital age, as hundreds of high profile leaks have demonstrated how damaging a leak can be. Not only that, but staying on top of printer access and curbing resource abuse is vital in keeping budgets optimized and lean. This is where our Canada & United States managed print services come in and offer enhanced print security auditing.

Our software scans your network and performs an automated audit. It focuses on setting device configurations remotely, monitoring for compliance and remediating any violators in 3 key areas — firmware upgrades, password management, and device settings configuration and management. This can provide detailed insight into compliance for upper management, allowing for strategy development and enhanced cybersecurity with minimal implementation effort.

Print Security Audit Service provides ongoing reporting and alerts, delivered through an interactive dashboard, bringing to life compliance reporting and allows for making adjustments in an easy to comprehend, visual process.

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Print Vendor Consolidation

Larger enterprise businesses and corporate offices often have a variety of different printing and imaging solutions housed under one roof. While these were likely added over time for maximum convenience, the more that are added, the more convoluted management of them can be. Multiple vendors will compete for your business and serve you multiple invoices, charge different rates for toner replacement, and so on.

Consolidating office printing and imaging suppliers has been proven as a strategy to consolidate buying power leading to reduced costs. INTEGR8 managed print services offer the opportunity to consolidate all your printing and imaging solutions into a single, easy-to-manage process. Further, consolidating vendors leads to simplifying the vendor interactions in the areas of the procurement process and risk reduction.

By moving to one managed print services partner to manage 100% of an organization’s printing and imaging needs, your brand will be able to capitalize on increase cost savings, decreased administration, and boosted productivity. No one has time to deal with multiple vendors every month, so let us take the hassle out of the situation and streamline your workflow.

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Digital Document Management

Digital document management is one of the most popular forms of managed print services that companies have been taking advantage of more and more in the last several years. The reasons for this are pretty straightforward —  it provides an easy, clutter-free way to keep all of your important documents in one place, removing the need for over-the-top clusters of filing cabinets and other sub-optimal forms of managing documents to play a part in your workplace.

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Managed Print Services

Integr8 offers a comprehensive suite of industry-leading managed print services. Our top-rated MPS solutions can be individualized to suit the needs of any business operating within any industry.

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Cloud Printing Management

Of all the technological features that have been improving the way businesses do business, cloud printing management is perhaps one of the most important. A vital, high-tech element of any sophisticated managed print services provider, cloud printing management has the potential to completely revolutionize the way printing is handled in your office.

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