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Managed Print Services for Healthcare Professionals

In this day and age, documentation processes have mostly moved towards being entirely digital. But for some businesses, including the healthcare industry, there is still a need for printed documents such as prescriptions, patient identification, charts, test results, test claim slips, receipts, labels, release papers, and various other types of paperwork.

In hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, there are commonly a fleet of printers, fax machines, copiers, and scanners that are used by various departments. These devices play key roles within the processes of these institutions to assist healthcare professionals in creating a seamless experience for the patients. With such a plethora of printed documents in the healthcare industry, consolidating and managing these along with digital documents is another challenge.

Printing and document management are two processes that Managed Print Services (MPS) can optimize. As a leading provider of Managed Print Services in Canada and the United States, we at Integr8 see a great opportunity in providing managed print services for healthcare professionals – to help healthcare businesses and institutions in saving time, cutting costs, maximizing efficiency. These improvements help to speed up and increase the accuracy of healthcare services which could mean the difference between life and death.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services is an umbrella term for various programs that are designed to optimize the printing and documentation processes of a business or institution. If your services and business processes depend on devices like printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines, chances are MPS could be the best thing you never knew you needed. MPS for healthcare allows for a more seamless and easy to manage printing and documentation system.

Taking a closer look at the not-so-good old way, you’ll see that installing, maintaining, and linking clunky hardware and outdated software creates points of friction that can slow down or occasionally incapacitate businesses. With Managed Print Services to assist your organization, you can say goodbye to these problems:

  • Laborious administrative tasks needed on old devices and outdated software. Man hours should be saved for more meaningful tasks.
  • Depletion of printing essentials such as ink cartridges or toners during the worst times.
  • Unauthorized printing of sensitive documents.

Our Customizable Managed Print Services

Integr8 is the leading provider of Managed Printer Services in Canada and the United States. One of the key things that contribute to our success is the understanding that MPS is not a one size fits all kind of solution.

We offer Managed Print Services that are customized to the needs of every business. The process starts with an assessment of the business’ needs and reviewing the current setup. From here, we can plan out how the hardware will work together, and then customize the service to provide the most time-efficient and cost-effective MPS solution.

Some of our MPS solutions for healthcare professionals includes the following:

Pull Printing or FollowMe Printing

Pull Printing or FollowMe Printing is ideal for organizations that require a high volume of print jobs to be done. It’s also the MPS of choice for any organization that needs to print sensitive documentation every now and then.

In the Pull Printing setup, print jobs are sent to a shared print queue. This server then chooses the best device to handle the print job. Alternatively, users can also select a specific printer. When the user is ready to print, they can simply go to the printer of choice, authenticate, then get the print job done. This saves time, relieves the RAM of individual computers, and also adds a level of security for the documents to be printed.

Cloud Printing Management

This groundbreaking application of cloud technology is a great option for any business that seeks to increase productivity, enhance security, and ensure the seamlessness of the printing process. Cloud Printing Management allows users to print from the cloud. Therefore, users can print from any device (even their personal ones).

This sophisticated setup also means that on-premise infrastructure is no longer required for the business and everything can be accessed or managed from the cloud.

Digital Document Management

Digital Document Management allows users to easily manage, receive, track, and store their documents. This applies to both digital documents and images of printed documents (i.e. images captured by a scanner.) Everything can be stored in a safe digital space. Furthermore, modifications and versions can be easily tracked for these stored documents.

Why Healthcare Institutions Need MPS

Healthcare institutions tend to have a massive fleet of devices like printers, fax machines, copiers, and scanners that are all necessary for their day-to-day operations. On a daily basis, there are plenty of print jobs that await, such as prescriptions, patient identification, charts, test results, receipts, release papers, and so on. Healthcare institutions also tend to have a myriad of digital and physical documents that all need to be managed in an efficient and secure way.

Because MPS can be implemented to optimize the printing and documentation processes of any organization, MPS for healthcare is truly beneficial.

Fast and Accurate Service

Needless to say, time is of the essence for most healthcare businesses and institutions. Because of the streamlined printing process and the easy retrieval of needed documents, the waiting time for patients can be greatly reduced.

Not only does this create a positive experience for patients, but because the stakes can be high in a healthcare institution, fast and accurate service can mean the difference between life and death.


Another key benefit of implementing MPS is the reduced costs of maintaining devices. Printing supplies can be purchased in bulk or as needed. If repairs are to be done, they can be done at scale. And because part of setting up an MPS includes an assessment of your current setup and devices, clunky devices that are costly to maintain can be weeded out as soon as possible.

Leading MPS Solutions for Healthcare Institutions

As a leading provider of MPS, we are proud to have a team of experts who are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to bring you the customized MPS solution that you need for your hospital, clinic, or laboratory. Take the first step towards better efficiency, reduced costs, and ultimately, faster and more accurate service for your patients.

Contact our experienced team today for a free, no-commitment consultation! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about what we can do for you.

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