Why You Should Choose Canon Office Printers

In this vibrant business industry, it’s a neck-and-neck race between the most reputable printer brands in the world. Many have been tried and tested, but only a few have been trusted. 

If you’re looking for the perfect printer for your business, you need to take numerous factors into account. The type of equipment you choose for your office ultimately determines how efficient your workflow and productivity will be; so choose wisely. 

You have quite a few options at your disposal, but nothing comes close to the proficiency of Canon office printers. Canon is a Japanese company based in Tokyo that has been producing reliable and highbrow cameras, ophthalmic instruments, photocopiers, and printers for over 84 years now.

To help you find the perfect printer, we’re here to show you why your search is over when you encounter Canon office printers. 

Ready? Set? Print! 

A Brief History of Canon 

One great way to determine whether Canon is a good match for your business is by getting a glimpse into its roots and discovering how they branched out into becoming one of the most successful brands in the world. 

Originally known as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory, the company was established in Japan in 1933. Three years later, the Hansa Canon, a focal plane shutter camera, was launched as Japan’s first high quality 35mm camera. In 1947, the brand changed its name to Canon Camera Company, Inc. 

In 1992, Canon broke into the printer scene by creating the CJ-10, the world’s first digital all-in-one printer, scanner, and full-colour copier. That same year, they rolled out the BJC-820, their first full-colour inkjet printer. 

Fast forward to the 21st century, the computer hardware and optical products company takes its first steps into the commercial digital printer market with the imagePRESS C7000VP.    

For over eight decades and counting, Canon has been redefining the name of the game by innovating quality products for their loyal consumers. When you add Canon office printers to your workplace, you’ll experience the benefits for yourself! 

Here are the reasons why Canon office printers a top choice for every business setting. 

A multifunction printer  

Why Canon Office Printers Are the Best Choice for Your Company      

Optimized Workflow Efficiency  

Canon office printers are predominantly equipped with the revolutionary, MY ADVANCE feature, a customizable user interface that aligns with workflow preferences. MY ADVANCE converts documents into searchable digital files in multiple formats. This feature is also armed with the ability to access cloud services, such as Google Drive. 

Moreover, MY ADVANCE gives your team members the convenience of connecting compatible mobile devices to release print jobs remotely. All you have to do is sync your device with the Canon PRINT Business app, and you can print from anywhere in the world.  

When your Canon office printers work in sync with the high-speed demand of your business, workflow efficiency is guaranteed.     

Fortified Security  

Another essential element that you need to look for in a reliable printer is security. Canon office printers have been incorporated with fortified security systems that protect your sensitive information from unauthorized access. 

Canon office printers allow users to set up authentication methods and control privacy settings by means of password protection. 


Cost management is vital to the success of your business, and Canon office printers are great at contributing to this. Get updated insights into your office printer’s activity by tracking, evaluating, and allocating costs and usage towards specific projects or departments. 

This way, you can easily minimize unnecessary expenses and print wastage.

Unparalleled Quality  

Canon office printers are designed to render maximum efficiency and endure high productivity, while providing consistently clear and sharp images with every print.  

Easy Maintenance 

With remote diagnostics, you can proactively handle maintenance, troubleshoot for repairs, monitor device status, observe meter ratings, manage settings, and even turn off the device remotely.   

Excellent Sustainability  

The health of our planet is the responsibility of humanity. While printing consumes ink, paper, and electricity, it doesn’t have to be devastating to the environment. With Canon office printers, you can consume less energy by means of innovative technology, like premium Canon ink cartridges with low-melt toner. 

Low-melt toners are designed to melt at lower temperatures in order to deliver prints. As a result, these toners require 15% less energy to reach their fusing point. Shorter melting time equals less power consumption. Less power consumption means points for the environment and your budget.

Moreover, Canon goes the extra mile with their environmental vision, ACTION for GREEN, an effort that aims to achieve sustainable corporate development while also nurturing a society that encourages both enriched lifestyles and a healthy environment. To support the reduction of carbon footprints, Canon offers value via the production, usage, and recycling of their products.      

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Canon Office Printers: Our Recommendations  


The Color Imagerunner Advance C5560I II prints up to 60 pages per minute and is driven by powerful and outstanding efficiency. 


Get crisp and reliable colour performance with the compact brilliance of the Color Imagerunner Advance C3525I II. If you’re looking for small office copiers, scanners, or printers, this is the one for you. 


The Color Imagerunner Advance C5550I II is the perfect tool to meet your day-to-day enterprise goals.  

Integr8 Performance-Enhancing Document Solutions in Your Office 

In order to streamline your workflow, high quality Canon office printers can be supplemented with performance-enhancing document solutions. While a large number of your files need to be printed, distributed, and stored in hard copy formats, there is also an exceedingly high need for the management of digital documents.

With Integr8’s performance-enhancing document solutions, your business will have the tools to take its productivity to the next level. 

Your company needs both print and digital elements to reach new heights of success, so give us a call today to learn more about our services! 

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