Performance-Enhancing Document Solutions

Organizing documents is one of the most important things a business can to do to improve its efficiency and optimize their workflows.

In the past, documents were exclusively in physical paper format, requiring them to be organized by hand into filing cabinets, restricted to that one physical location and the memory of the person who filed it. This was a reality of the limitations of technology for a long time, however, recent advances in document management in Canada and the United States have allowed businesses to reach new levels of productivity.

Integr8’s performance-enhancing document solutions give businesses the tools they need to rework their workflows, improving collaboration and enabling truly global business in a few keystrokes.

Fully Automated Efficiency

One of the biggest limiters to efficiency within a business is manually performing repetitive tasks.

Even with all the advances in technology and process, many businesses still employ people to perform repetitive, menial tasks that are a necessary evil in any industry. These include things like organizing files into digital folders, granting and revoking access, naming files, importing files, and so on. This eats not only into employee time but also into budgets and bottom lines, as wasted time equals wasted money.

Integr8’s performance-enhancing document solutions allow for easy automation of a range of repetitive and regularly performed functions. By letting the programming take over these tasks, you can free up both employee time and budget to be put towards more important areas, such as client services or growing your business. It’s just another way Integr8 is passionate about offering the best document solutions Canada and the United States have to offer.

Go Global In An Instant

In a truly interconnected world, being able to coordinate documents and business processes internationally is crucial.

With the internet now a part of everyday life, the barrier to entry to becoming a global business is getting lower and lower. This means that in order to properly function and collaborate, business units can no longer rely on physical printed documents. Having to move documents internationally by mail or even email is time consuming, cumbersome, and inefficient.

Integr8 offers a comprehensive and elegant document solution in Canada and the United States. By efficiently uploading, organizing, and storing all business documents in an easy to use and logical structure, any authorized user across the globe can access the documents they need instantly. Using the power of the cloud, all of your invoices, contracts, process documents, and more, are available to whoever needs them in a few clicks of a button.

Teamwork. Elevated.

Collaboration in the modern workplace is the key to unlocking the full potential of your employees.

In the days before global companies, teams would work together in close physical proximity, allowing for instant communication and exchange of ideas. While this generally produced great results, as businesses have expanded across international borders, team members are no longer necessarily always in the same room. With the amount of information and ideas that need to be exchanged on a daily basis, an effective solution needs to allow true collaboration without sacrificing speed.

Integr8 offers true live collaboration between teams on opposite sides of the globe, seamlessly. Our performance-enhancing document solutions in Canada and the United States allow teams to continue working and creating as if they were in the same room. Track document changes, leave notes, suggest ideas, and make edits, all live and easily from wherever you might be in the world.

Canada’s Favourite Document Solutions Provider

Integr8 has perfected document solutions in Canada and the United States, allowing businesses and teams to collaborate and organize from all over the world.

Our commitment to an unparalleled client experience has guided our every design decision with our programming. Simple and easy to use interfaces collide with enhanced productivity and functionality, allowing any business to become an international brand in an instant. The power of cloud computing puts what was previously unattainable in the hands of everyday businesses, from complex organizations to live editing from anywhere you have an internet connection. The only limitations on what you can do are determined by your team’s creativity.

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