Print Security Audit Service

Managing and maintaining effective print security is crucial to ensuring your business is protected from nefarious parties and organizational inefficiencies.

Integr8 offers the most comprehensive print security audit services in Canada and the United States. Our proprietary system performs a complete analysis of your printing processes, identifying key areas for improvement and cost reductions. By improving your print security and optimizing your paper management, you can save your business from potential cyber-attacks, lower your expenses, and improve your eco-friendliness, all in a few simple clicks.

That’s the promise of Integr8.

Protect Your Business

Printers and scanners are usually the weakest points in a business’s cybersecurity network, often being overlooked when it comes to updating security patches, passwords, and crucial operating system updates.

As every industry becomes more and more connected and previously analogue machines become “smart”, there are ever more opportunities for malicious attacks to target your business. If your printer has an active internet connection to your internal network, a single piece of harmful code can infiltrate your more sensitive files and cripple your business in an instant.

Integr8’s powerful print security audit services in Canada and the United States actively scan your printers to ensure you are protected. The program tracks important firmware updates, necessary password changes, and optimizes device management settings to enhance your security. Everything is presented in an easy-to-use dashboard, so you can know everything you need to at a glance.

Cut Costs For The Environment

Streamlining printer access and effectively managing resources is also becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to not only cut costs but improve their environmental footprint.

Companies in every industry are being put under a microscope when it comes to their impacts on the environment. Which energy sources they use to power their businesses, how they dispose of their waste products, and how many resources they consume during their daily activities.

Those companies that rise to the challenge are often praised by consumers and society at large, winning more business and revenue in the process. Conversely, those that do not change their ways risk losing not just potential business but also cost savings they could have gotten from becoming more eco-friendly.

Integr8’s print security audit service not only helps businesses protect themselves from digital attacks but also helps them optimize resources and limit wasted paper. The system allows for deeply integrated management of printer access and limits setting on paper output, giving management the tools they need to ensure no employee is abusing their printing privileges.

Excessive or wasteful printing can cost businesses not only thousands of dollars per year but also harms their environmental efforts and can hurt their image in the eyes of their customers. Integr8’s print security audit service in Canada and the United States prevents users from using up more than their allocated printing budgets and can flag potential violators in the interactive dashboard. Management can then assess these notifications in a quick and visual process, deciding how to limit the paper wastage moving forward.

The Leading Print Security Audit Service in Canada & the United States

Integr8 takes pride in offering a holistic approach to managing your print security and resource management.

Many larger businesses might feel their offices have grown beyond the point of being able to manage who prints what and how often. However, with our simple integr8ion process, we will be able to streamline your print security management into a single access point, where authorized persons can see exactly what is happening and then make strategic decisions that can improve the productivity and competitiveness of the business in an instant.

Our team of dedicated printing experts have decades of experience working in the printing industry. We make understanding everything there is to know about your business and your printing security needs our top priority so we can recommend intelligent process improvements and help you save money. Whatever you need, our print security audit service team is there to help you.

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