Print Vendor Consolidation

To truly streamline your budget and workflow, your business needs to minimize the number of vendors it has to deal with.

Integr8’s print vendor consolidation in Canada and the United States gives businesses the ability to manage all of their printing needs from a single supplier. This allows for seamless service and maintenance requests, integr8ed toner replacement, and a single invoice. When a single vendor manages all your business printers, you can save time with administration, leverage bulk buying to lower costs and ultimately save on your budget.

Reduce Costs

Vendors are a necessary part of doing business in Canada and the United States. They supply any resource that your business does not make yourself, which is usually everything you use from paper and toner to envelopes and coffee. Larger businesses will often have to deal with tens or even hundreds of vendors for their everyday office supplies, eating up valuable administration time and increasing costs.

As businesses grow, their printing needs typically expand too. Bringing more printing options into the workplace is often done on an ad hoc basis, with new printers and vendors being brought in as demands increase. This can result in several different vendors all supplying the same services, but each charging their own management and service fees. If your business has multiple printers, these costs can add up quickly.

Integr8’s industry-leading print vendor consolidation in Canada and the United States turns all those various invoices and contracts into a single easy to manage relationship. By taking over toner replacement, maintenance scheduling, and invoicing, Integr8 allows you to spend more time on the things that matter to your business and grow your brand. Having a single vendor managing your printing needs also allows you to capitalize on bulk pricing, reducing your costs and saving you money in the long run.

Print Vendor Consolidation Made Easy

When you integr8 your print vendor consolidation, everything just works.

Multiple studies have shown that almost every business spends more time on administration tasks than they need to; in some cases, up to a full third of the working year. This represents a huge drain on workplace finances and productivity, as repetitive and disorganized processes eat into valuable employee time. An effective solutions needs to not only save time and automate tasks that can be but also be easy to use and accessible for any employee.

Integr8’s print vendor consolidation in Canada and the United States operates on a simple, powerful dashboard that gives business owners everything they need in a single glance. Our platform contains live updates for the things you need to know about your printers, from when the next scheduled maintenance is due, to how much toner needs to be ordered in the next shipment. All of these stats are presented in attractive visual formats, allowing any authorized employee to managing the vendor relationship in the few clicks of a button.

Unparalleled Print Vendor Consolidation In Canada & The U.S.

Integr8 is proud to offer a complete vendor consolidation package to our customers in Canada and the United States.

Our business is built on decades of knowledge in the printing industry, with all of our team members understanding everything there is to know about printing management. We work exclusively with industry-leading partners like Canon, Toshiba, and Konica Minolta, so we can ensure your business has the best machines and services around. We are committed to providing the best customer experience for our clients, which is why we ensure to respond to every enquiry as soon as possible. If you ever need assistance with your printing issues, an expert is just a phone call away.

With Integr8’s print vendor consolidation in Canada and the United States, your business can experience the productivity enhancements and cost savings our customers rave about. Once Integr8 takes over the management of your printing solutions, your employees will be able to focus on adding value to your company instead of worrying about paying multiple vendor invoices. Your bottom line will improve as well, as we can leverage bulk purchasing options when you purchase all of your toners from the single vendor.

If you are ready to streamline your workflow and save money at the same time, contact Integr8 today and experience a new kind of productivity.

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