The Advantages of Taking Print Management to the Cloud

Ever since the cloud came raining down with its storm of digital document management benefits, it has become a staple in our daily lives. Be it at work, at school, or at home; the cloud has us covered.    

With the cloud being as accessible as it is, it has swiftly revamped and optimized the infrastructure of our workflows. This revolutionary digital repository allows us to upload, store, download, share, and protect our digital files while at the office or on the go. 

On top of that, the many advantages of cloud print services alter the way you and your team print for the better. Instead of having bulky machines in your office, you can trust outsourced cloud services to get the job done more efficiently; no more cables, printer software drivers, software updates, or connectivity issues – just seamless printing through the cloud.

It’s pretty self-explanatory as to why the majority of the world has shifted away from traditional file storage and printing methods and jumped onto the cloud bandwagon. 

In case you have not joined the cloud side just yet, we’re here to enumerate some of the advantages of cloud print services and how they can upgrade your office life to the next level. 

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The Advantages of Cloud Print Services

1. Remote Accessibility

If you’re a remote worker, then you and your entire team can benefit from the remote accessibility that the cloud is driven by. 

Cloud print platforms enable remote teams to access work files at any time, no matter how far they are from the office. If they need to print a file, print jobs can easily be released from any device via user authentication. 

Let’s say you’re not physically at work but need to print a document in a pinch. Well, with the cloud, anywhere can be your office.   

2. Time-Efficiency and Optimized Productivity

Having printers in the office works for many types of companies, but if your nature of business generates a print demand that is larger than life, then you may be more inclined to recruit the services of cloud printing. 

Just picture ityour team members need to print files everyday, so the printer is the most popular machine in the building. The odds are that your colleagues spend long periods of time queuing for the printers. Aside from adding stress to their plates, it also takes time away from their main tasks. 

As you have already guessed, cloud printing management is the perfect tool to help you boost productivity, save time, reduce stress levels, and generally just streamline the way your office runs. 

3. Cost-Efficiency

Transitioning from a traditional workplace infrastructure to cloud print services contributes to a significant reduction in costs. This type of print model lowers operating expenditures that are tied to on-premise print management channels. By taking print management to the cloud, you save on printer maintenance costs, ink and cartridge expenses, and reduce your hydro fees. 

4. Minimized IT Support Responsibilities

Imagine this: the printer is malfunctioning for some reason, and you have to call your IT department to solve the problem. 

How often have you seen this scenario play out?

It probably happens several times a week, doesn’t it? That’s because office printers are tasked with high print job demands on a daily basis. So it’s expected that they’ll run into a few issues here and there over time. 

When your IT support team is constantly preoccupied with solving paper jams and other common printer issues, their focus shifts away from their more essential strategic duties. 

One of the many advantages of cloud print services is that you won’t have to handle technical catastrophes, as the devices will be managed by an external source that ensures the security of your documents.   

5. Better Analytics

Your cloud printing provider monitors all your print jobs, which means that they have a bird’s eye view of exactly how much you spend over a specific period of time. When they provide you with this type of data, you get a clearer perspective on how you can optimize your print demand and costs to render the perfect balance. 

6. Sustainability

You obtain better analytics and save on costs when you opt to take print management to the cloud, but this also allows you to contribute towards a bigger mission – saving our planet. 

Yes, the cloud isn’t just office-friendly, it’s environment-friendly too! 

When there is less paper and ink wastage and fewer machines relying on electricity in your office, you help reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Good job, eco-warrior!  

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Experience the Advantages of Cloud Print Services With Integr8

Cloud print services will change the way you work, and Integr8 proudly offers industry-leading cloud printing management services to companies across a vast spectrum of sectors. 

When you integrate the cloud into your workflow, you open the door for new opportunities of convenience and efficiency. With the cutting-edge technology that we offer, your business will be propelled to new heights of success.

In the name of business productivity and workflow optimization, Integr8 is here for you.

Start experiencing the advantages of cloud print services today. Give us a call or shoot us a message to learn more about our digital document and printing solutions today!         

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