5 Best Monitors for Office Work

Your monitor is (arguably) the most important aspect of your workplace. With a less-than-ideal display, it’ll be challenging to work efficiently—this might even impact your business’s daily operations. That’s why you shouldn’t choose a display haphazardly.

When it comes to your company, it’s essential to invest only in the best monitors for office work. It’s also important to ensure that the machines can be used even if the employee works in a remote setting or a home office. You’re going to want to look at aspects such as screen performance, ergonomics, and size of the monitor aside from the price.

We’ve rounded up our recommendations for the best monitors for office work to help you in your search. But before anything else, we’ll show you what you should look out for when choosing your displays.

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What Should I Look For In An Office Monitor?

When buying a monitor for your workplace or home office, consider the following factors first:

Size and Resolution

Office ergonomics shouldn’t be overlooked. Studies have shown that after a few short hours of work, many employees already feel discomfort caused by workstations that weren’t designed to be ergonomic.

The size of the monitor affects the productivity and comfort of your employees while working. So, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. A large display may allow for more applications or tabs to be opened at once, but they can take up more desk space and might not be ideal for those working in smaller cubicles or offices. Additionally, a bigger monitor will have low pixel density, which isn’t ideal for people with poor vision. A fuzzy screen usually means they’ll have to move closer to the monitor, and this will affect their posture, leading to poor ergonomics.

On the other hand, smaller monitors lack vertical space, load less content, and in some instances, tend to reduce reading comprehension— which is caused by the eyes straining too much as they try to understand the words on the screen. However, smaller monitors do have higher pixel counts.

Generally, a 24 to 27-inch monitor is a good size for most office work.


Connectivity refers to the ports available on the monitor. The best monitors for office work ideally have a USB-C type port, display port, and HDMI port where you can connect different cables or even a docking station.

The same goes for laptops—you’d want a model that has these ports so you can easily connect it to a separate monitor, tablet, or other devices without needing a docking station. An additional USB hub can also be useful for connecting office accessories, such as a mouse or a keyboard.

Blue Light Reduction

Blue light emitted by screens can cause eye strain and disrupt sleep patterns. Because of its high energy emissions, blue light can also impact the cornea and the retinal lens. This can cause headaches and make it difficult for a person to fall asleep.

Monitors with blue light reduction technology can minimize the amount of blue light emitted, making them easier on the eyes. Luckily, most modern monitors are equipped with this technology.

To prevent health issues resulting from blue light, almost all LCD or LED monitors have a blue light filter. This is ideal if you use your monitors for a long time or if you look at the screen with limited room lighting.


Your budget is also a vital factor when purchasing the best monitors for office work. While there are affordable options available, keep in mind that a higher-end monitor with higher price points may provide better features in terms of resolution, colour accuracy, and connectivity options.

Ultimately, it’s important to find a monitor that meets your needs and matches your budget.

Our Top Picks for Home or Office Use

Now that we’ve discussed what you should look for in a product, it’s now time for us to recommend our top five office monitors!

Here are our picks:

1. HP M24f FHD Monitor

HP M24f FHD Monitor

This one is among the best monitors for home office use. At $194.99, it features a full HD LED-LCD Monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It has LED backlight technology and a viewable screen size of 23.8, but it has a screen size of 24 inches. Other specifications include:

  • Energy Star approved;
  • VGA, HDMI outputs included;
  • Color Gamut of 99% RGB; and
  • 1920 x 1080 maximum resolution.

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2. HP P24H G5 FHD Monitor

 HP P24H G5 FHD Monitor

Another monitor that will help upgrade office efficiency is the HP P24H G5 FHD model, which is priced at $284.99. It features a full HD Edge LED LCD Monitor, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a screen size class of 24 inches.

Other features:

  • Energy Star Certified and TCO Certified;
  • Flicker-free technology;
  • 16.7 million colours supported; and
  • HDMI cable included.

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3. HP E27q G4 Widescreen LCD Monitor

HP E27q G4 Widescreen LCD Monitor

While you’re hunting for the best monitors for office work, consider checking out this widescreen LCD monitor from HP, which costs $544.99. It also has a 16:9 aspect ratio, boasts a pixel pitch of 9.17 million, and has USB, VGA, HDMI, and display ports available.

Other features:

  • Energy Star certified;
  • 2560 x 1440 maximum resolution;
  • 27-inch screen size class; and
  • A built-in USB Hub.

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4. HP Z27k G3 4K USB-C Display

 HP Z27k G3 4K USB-C Display

This 27-inch 4K UHD LCD monitor from HP is a total powerhouse that comes with a price tag of $784.99. It has a built-in USB hub and a viewable screen size of 27 inches—making it possible for you to utilize the whole screen.

Other features:

  • A VESA mount adapter;
  • A cable manager;
  • 3840 x 2160 maximum resolution; and
  • 1.07 billion colours supported.

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5. HP Z40c G3 WUHD Curved Display

HP Z40c G3 WUHD Curved Display

Lastly, this 39-inch WUHD Curved Screen Edge LED LCD Monitor from HP is one of the best office monitors on the market. At $2,159.99, it has a three-year limited warranty, a built-in USB hub, four USB ports, and one display port.

Other features:

  • Maximum resolution of 5120 x 2160;
  • 1.07 billion colours supported;
  • 21:9 aspect ratio; and
  • 7.13 million pixel pitch.

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The best office monitors serve their intended function without compromising the comfort and productivity of your employees.

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