Valuable Enterprise Managed Print Services Benefits

The average employee prints about 10,000 pages a year, costing about $725. Multiply this amount to the number of employees that have access to your printers, and you’ll rake up thousands of dollars in printing costs. It’s no surprise why printing is the third-most costly expenditure for companies after rent and payroll. 

To find out more, read these examples of enterprise managed print services benefits, and find out how an MPS provider can transform the way your office runs. 

Enterprise Managed Print Services Benefits: Why It’s Worth It

If your company is spending too much on printing costs, then you need Managed Print Services (MPS). Managed Print Services provide integrated document management and printing systems that streamline an organization’s workflow.

An MPS provider will assess your printing needs, replace outdated hardware, and oversee maintenance. It serves as an affordable investment for a more organized system that reduces capital expenditure. 

Aside from the ones mentioned above, MPS offers many benefits that will ultimately increase productivity. Here are more enterprise managed print services benefits. 

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MPS Improves the IT Departments’ Workflow

One of the biggest enterprise managed print services benefits is its ability to manage all aspects of the organization’s printing and scanning hardware and software. It includes maintenance and support, as well as purchasing and updating necessary software. It also improves document management systems. All of these processes save time, transform outdated practices and reduce the workload of the IT department so they can focus on more important tasks. 

MPS Significantly Cuts Down Printing Costs 

One of the most important enterprise managed print services benefits is cost reduction. It can come as a surprise, but mismanaged print fleets can cost a company up to 3% of its total annual revenue. As an example, a company that takes in $5 million per year spends about $150,000 on document printing. This is the reason why more companies are looking for ways to cut down on inefficient practices.

An MPS provider can save a company up to 30% on printing costs by creating a productive printing protocol for employees to follow, and ensuring that all printers are running smoothly. 

MPS Provider Solidifies Your Data Security 

Document or data theft is a serious concern for organizations, especially when dealing with sensitive information. An MPS provider can set up a cybersecurity strategy that will safeguard important data. The system can include practices such as device authentication or encrypted documents. Data loss can result in financial loss, and this is why data and network security is one of the most important enterprise managed print service benefits.

To keep you informed, here are some common print-related threats that lead to data theft:

  • Document theft – Also known as data extrusion, is characterized by the unauthorized movement of data through malware. Printers are the most common targets for these activities. 
  • Hacking – All devices, including printers, are susceptible to hacking. Hackers target printers to gain access to unsecured data on its hard drive. Hackers also use printers to access parts of the network. 
  • Cryptojacking – This happens when malware installs crypto mining software on a device to use its processing power for mining cryptocurrencies. The malware positions itself on a router, or other devices, such as printers to access multiple computers. 
  • Printer tampering – Unsecured printer settings can be altered to reduce document security. A hacker can do this intentionally and unknowing employees might accidentally change settings to reroute jobs, save jobs to another area, or eliminate any custom security features. 
  • Email attacks – Print-related data losses happen when documents are sent via email to external sources through the printer. 

MPS Can Provide Sustainable Initiatives

While paper is a recyclable material, not everyone recycles it. According to research, 40% of the world’s cut timbers are used for the production of paper, and paper makes up 40% of waste in the United States.

It’s easy to fall for wasteful practices in the office, with employees printing documents more than they should. An MPS provider will help you set up sustainable protocols such as re-leafing programs and mindful printing to reduce paper waste. As added enterprise managed print service benefits, sustainable practices also cut down unnecessary supply costs. 

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Expert Consultation 

While a printer salesman will merely sell you a printer and be gone the next day, an MPS provider can offer round-the-clock assistance to determine if a specific printer is best suited for your office needs.

Quality partners will be able to pinpoint the strengths of enterprise managed print services benefits and explain how a printing strategy can improve your employee workflow, keep devices in good condition, and ultimately cut down costs. This kind of expert consultation is readily available when you decide to seek MPS.

Some forms of consultation that MPS providers can offer are: 

  • Office mapping – MPS providers will assess your working area to understand whether the office is set up for the highest level of productivity. This assessment will include looking at hardware if they are placed in optimal areas, and which ones are underused or overused. After the assessment, the provider will present visual mapping to indicate potential options.
  • Manpower assessment – MPS providers will conduct employee and stakeholder interviews to ask about their working issues and printing habits to determine how processes can be improved. 
  • Data gathering – MPS providers will apply assessment tools to collect data from your current printing setup in order to gain a better understanding of how much each device is used. 

Seek Managed Print Services for Your Organization Today

If you are looking for budget-conscious practices for your organization, an MPS provider can significantly reduce costs for small- to large-scale businesses. To learn more about enterprise managed print services benefits and how it can help improve your printing methods and employee productivity, contact Integr8 today and learn about our offers. 

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