Top 6 Innovative Products Elevating Technology in the Workplace

If there’s one silver lining when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that there was an accelerated adoption of digital tools and technology in the workplace to make remote work possible. 

Face-to-face meetings were replaced by emails, chat groups, and video conferencing. Collaborative work was done using digital whiteboards, simultaneous multi-authoring of documents, digitally shared file storage, and so much more. 

The entire workforce was forced into a crash course on modern technology

And it worked. 

So our lives went on. Maybe not as usual, but to most Canadians, the current setup is even better because they can get things done when and where they are most productive. No wonder people are reluctant to physically head back to the office even after things have settled down.

With hybrid setups taking centre stage, let’s take a look at the top 6 products elevating technology in the workplace!

The Birth of the Hybrid Work Model 

The pandemic set the foundation for the hybrid work model, which supports working from home, in the office, or on the go. It blends the flexibility of remote work with the benefits of an in-person setup to build culture and collaboration.

There’s no doubt a hybrid arrangement is a middle ground that makes both employers (who want employees to physically return to the office) and workers (who prefer working at home) happy. 

This is why more than 50% of Canadian employers are adopting the setup—and the importance of technology in the workplace is being highlighted more than ever. 

Elevate Technology in the Workplace with These 6 Products 

So it looks like hybrid work is here to stay for now. However, to make it work, the right technology must be set up.   

With these six innovative products, you’ll be able to seamlessly adapt a hybrid work model with elevated technology in the workplace. Ultimately, this will foster productivity and help organizations maintain a competitive edge:

1. Communication Platforms

Synchronous Communication

Communication is important in all kinds of work setups. In a hybrid work environment, managers must determine if an immediate response is needed or not. If it is, then it calls for synchronous communication.

Synchronous communication is best used for discussing time-sensitive issues and complex discussions where answers must be closely and immediately monitored. 

Some of the tools you can use for synchronous communication include Zoom, Internet Relay Chat, Google Meet, Discord, and Online Whiteboarding.

An employee sending an email using her laptop while on the go

Asynchronous Communication

If the response can be delayed, then you can use asynchronous communication. Team updates, assigning tasks, collecting feedback, and the like are the best situations to use asynchronous communication.

It’s also the best choice if you want to get a longer and more detailed response from workers. Emails, async-first intranet, Yammer, Twist, and Yac are some of the tools you can use for asynchronous communication.

The most important thing, however, is to let your team members know which platforms you will regard as synchronous and asynchronous so they can respond accordingly.

2. Digital Document Management

Companies in a hybrid setup require a seamless process where documents can be consistently stored, organized, accessed, and shared by everyone in the organization. 

But instead of organizing papers in folders, drawers, and file cabinets, it’s done digitally. This way, technology in the workplace needs to be upgraded so that employees can access the documents they need from any device they may be working from.

Your company will benefit from consulting document management specialists like Integr8, who can assess your current document workflow and find ways to optimize it. 

3. Security Software

Working in flexible locations is important in a hybrid setup. However, it also exposes company assets to new threats such as unauthorized access.

To prevent hacks and ensure security, educate employees about safe practices such as using multi-factor authentication to verify identity, VPNs, and Zero Trust Network software.

4.Performance Management Tools

In a setup where you don’t see your employees, how could you accurately gauge their performance? Should you completely rely on trust and simply hope that they are doing their best?

Managers can’t walk down aisles to peek into cubicles and check what their staff is doing. To monitor performance in a hybrid setup, managers must set clear and realistic expectations and goals, do regular check-ins, improve trust, and proactively address issues.

Using performance management systems would also help evaluate employee performance and their contribution to the company’s growth.

5. Cloud-Based Solutions

Physical infrastructure is expensive and limited. So the go-to solution for a hybrid work setup is to transition to cloud-based solutions. 

Using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet is the best choice for a hybrid work environment because it is agile, easier to manage, and can be scaled on demand.

You can also optimize the way your printing operations work by using cloud printing management solutions. It has many benefits, especially for a hybrid work setup, including: 

  • Enabling workers to access office printers wherever they are;
  • Reducing maintenance and energy costs; and
  • Helping keep all of your devices connected.

6. Office Pods

Although a dramatic overhaul isn’t necessary, the traditional office layout is usually inefficient in a hybrid setup. Employees are now seen as collaborators with the autonomy to choose which space suits them best to carry out their tasks.

This means your office must provide staff with open spaces for collaboration, but also closed spaces for focus and concentration. In this case, flexible office pods are useful.

Also called a room within a room,” office pods are soundproof private areas where a worker can take calls from clients (minus the noise of the entire office), prepare for a verbal presentation, or simply concetrate on finishing urgent tasks without coworkers coming at them from all sides with different requests. 

a small meeting room for employees to complete work

Optimize Technology in The Workplace with Integr8 

These six products that elevate technology in the workplace are the baseline that will optimize hybrid setups. Are you thinking of adopting the same approach?

If you are, Integr8 can help. We provide companies with business systems such as cloud printing management, digital document management, managed print services, and other technologies and software solutions that perfectly complement a hybrid work environment.

If you want to learn how you can start setting things up, get in touch with us today.

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