What Are Performance Enhancing Document Solutions?

Performance-enhancing document solutions help you cut down on general costs and reduce IT issues while boosting productivity. 

In this article, we talk about how document management solutions can propel your company’s productivity to the next level. 

Read on to learn more! 

What Is MPS?

One of the leading document management solutions in the world of business is managed print services, or MPS for short. A way for offices to improve their printing processes, MPS is offered by an external provider in order to optimize and maximize a company’s document output.  

It’s no secret that MPS can boost your company’s workflow tenfold. Without the need to worry about common printer jams, your team can focus their energy on more pressing job duties. 

By relying on external document management solutions to take care of your office’s needs, you’re handing the reins to the pros, who can pay closer attention to the details and expertly identify any problem areas as soon as possible. 

You instantly relieve the workload, reduce stress levels, save on excessive printing costs for your team, and ultimately give them the opportunity to channel their energy onto more high-priority tasks.  

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The Benefits of Document Management Solutions Like MPS   

Full Automation Efficiency   

MPS is the leading performance-enhancing document management system in the market that can further optimize your company’s document production process. Rather than delegating every little task to your employees to perform manually, you can shift to MPS, which offers full automation efficiency. This includes:

  • Digital folder organization
  • Permission of access
  • File labeling
  • File imports
  • File sharing

Document management solutions are perfect for having a handy storage centre for all your business files. Thanks to its logical structure, you and your team can easily access documents from literally anywhere in the world. With the power of the cloud, all your contracts, forms, proprietary documents, proposals, and invoices will be at your disposal yet protected from risks of cyber attacks

Improved Cyber Security Defense 

Speaking of cyber attacks, utilizing MPS also gives your sensitive files an enhanced cyber security defence. You still need this even if your business has gone paperless. You surely own at least one printer, fax machine, copier machine, or scanner. When connected to the web and your internal network, all these devices are interlinked and vulnerable to risks of intellectual property theft and digital attacks. Hence, information and document security should be a non-negotiable priority.

MPS specializes in fortifying your company’s defences against virtual threats. Integr8’s Print Security Audit Services, in particular, actively scan your printers to safeguard your work against security breaches. This comprehensive program tracks essential firmware updates, necessary password changes, and optimizes device management settings for maximum security.  All present in one convenient and easy-to-use dashboard, you can keep an eye on all processes in a single interface. 

Cuts Down Operational Expenses

Transitioning to MPS helps you cut down on printing and document mailing costs that would typically go to ink, toner, paper, and postage. Moreover, it also contributes to saving money on general energy bills used to power printers or fuel and staffing expenses to deliver documents to clients.

Boosts Overall Productivity

When you switch to outsourced document management solutions, you eliminate the need for manually sorting, filing, and organizing documents. This takes the stress off of things while giving you and your team more time to channel your efforts towards what matters most. 


The biggest factor to look for in an MPS partner is its ability to be customized. You need a provider that can meet the demands of your company as it continuously and rapidly grows and evolves. Printing needs can change over a short span of time, which means that your MPS should have the capacity to expand in sync with your company’s pace.  They should offer personalized document solutions whether you’re a small or medium-sized business or enterprise-level organization


Employing the help of document management solutions isn’t just great for boosting your day-to-day workflow productivity; it’s also the perfect platform to further empower your sustainable efforts towards a smaller carbon footprint. 

MPS’ Print Security Audit Services prevents users from going above their allocated printing budgets and can flag potential violators via the interactive dashboard. Administrators can then evaluate these notifications by means of a visual process and preset the limit on paper wastage for the future. 

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Professional Document Management Solutions by Integr8 

In a nutshell, performance-enhancing online document management solutions are beneficial components in any workplace, as they boost productivity, improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary expenses, help you save time, minimize your carbon footprint, and upgrade information security.  

Integr8 is the most trusted supplier of document management solutions across Canada and the United States. We are known for having the leading document management systems.

Our primary goal is to provide MPS expertise and customer support that are second to none. We serve a diverse client base from various industries, from accountants, lawyers, education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Our performance-enhancing document solutions services include:

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